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Scouting Heritage Merit Badge Pamphlet

Note that this is a slightly out of date copy - requirement 4.c is missing. 

Download it here (PDF) 

"Passport to Program" Video

Hello Baden-Powell Council leadership. 

This year's Council Program Kickoff is a YouTube video which can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aD9uH_rWbg  

The information referenced in our YouTube video recording is linked below in PDF format. 

This should give you the information you need to plan your year of Scouting accordingly. If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to your District Executive or Cub Scout Associate. As always, please reference the Council Website for any updates.

Below is a list of time stamps so that you know what topics are covered during what times of our recording:

0:01 Welcome
1:01 Scout Executive Comments
1:42 Commissioner Support
2:20 Chenango District Events
3:16 Delahanna District Events
4:03 Hiawatha District Events
4:45 Taughannock District Events
6:00 Duty to God Committee
6:40 Cub Scout STEM/Nova Programs
7:21 Cub Scout Stay Camp Day Camp
8:12 Camping Committee Events
8:41 Training Committee Events
9:31 University of Scouting
10:12 Woodbadge Training
10:44 National Youth Leadership Training
11:34 National Jamboree
12:30 Shooting Sports Activities
13:36 Whitewater Challengers Council Event
14:35 Unit Fundraisers
15:49 Order of the Arrow
17:28 Closing

June 2020 Roundtable and District/Council Program Kickoffs

Color coded by program - All Programs (black) - Cub Scouts (blue) - Scouts BSA (red) 

Flyers for Activities, sorted by date:

  • June 11th - August 29th - SCOUTStrong Summer program - District Flyer - National website - Activity Page 

  • June 20th Fishing Derby at Tuscarora* - Flyer

  • June 25th - "Fearful Symmetry" Virtual STEM activity* for Wolf-Webelos - Flyer

  • June 27th (other dates possible) - Northeast Region Area 3 Zoom Training* - See Announcements 

  • July 6-10, 13-17 and 20-24 - Stay Camp Day Camp* - Flyer

  • July 20-24th - Quaran-Camped Together* - Flyer

  • August 8 - Akela's Arrow of Light Day* - Flyer

  • October 3rd-4th - Boo at Barton Fall Cub Adventure Weekend* Teaser Flyer 

  • October 9th-10th - Raft-O-Ree Weekend* - Whitewater Challengers - Flyer

  • October 17th - Barton Bash Teaser Flyer 

  • November 27th - 10 Commandments Hike* - Flyer

  • January 23, 2021 - Knights and Castles Winter Camporee Teaser Flyer

  • March 6th - District Pinewood Derby Teaser Flyer

  • May 1st - Things that Fly - Camp Barton Spring Cub Adventure Weekend* - Teaser Flyer

  • 2021 National Jamboree* - link to Council page https://www.bpcouncil.org/2021-national-jamboree/ 

*= Council or National Activity

May 2020 Roundtable

Roundtable Agenda

Suggestions and Handouts for Scouting at Home
in the time of Covid-19

See the Announcements Page

Notes from the District Day of Planning on January 18th

Many District and Unit leaders met on Saturday, January 18th, to discuss and plan out the District's operations for the upcoming year. 

A copy of the notes from the Planning Day can be downloaded here (PDF)

The District Calendar web page has been updated with dates through December 2021 - although note that dates in 2021 should be considered tentative until the final district calendar is handed out in June 2020. 

From the 2019 District Program Kickoff:


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