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Look for the rating!
Age-Appropriate Rating Labels for Scouting Activities

All publicity for Taughannock District activities should indicate for which program(s) the activity is age-appropriate. If possible, organizers of District activities should use one of the following “rating labels” so that leaders and parents can easily determine if a given activity is for their program. 

If any activity has an age or rank restriction in addition to the program rating, it should be indicated by a short text note underneath the label, for example, "First-Class and higher Scouts only", or "Scouts aged 13-17 only". 

You can download a chart  in PDF format with all ratings

Label Use for Full-Size
GIF for
printed use
size GIF
for web

Cub Scout activities - boys and girls in Cub Packs - grades K-5. If activity is for Lion Cubs or Webelos/AOL only, put a text note under the graphic:

-Lion Cubs (Kindergarten) Only-
-Webelos/AOL (4th-5th Grade) Only-


Cub Scout activities - boys and girls in grades 1-5 only, not appropriate for Lions. 

Cub Scout activities - boys and girls in grades 2-5 only, not appropriate for Lions or Tigers.  GIF GIF
Scout activities - youth in Scouts BSA Troops - aged 11 to 17 (or grades 6-12). 
If  Webelos/Arrow of Light in Second Year dens are invited to participate as part of a Scout Patrol, add a text note under the label: 

- Second year Webelos/AOL may attend, but only with a Scout Troop -

Venturing activities - youth aged 14-20 in Venturing Crews or Sea Scout Ships. If Scouts in the same age range may attend, use the "Y14+" rating instead. GIF GIF
Activities for all youth in either Cub Packs or Scout Troops - grades K-12 (through age 17). If the activity is primarily for Scout Troops, but second year Webelos/AOL dens may attend with a troop, use the "B" label with appropriate note instead. If Lions are excluded, add note "Not appropriate for Lion Cubs" GIF GIF
Activities for youth in Scout Troops, Venturing Crews and Sea Scout Ships (but not Cubs). If the event is limited to Venturers, Sea Scouts and older Scouts (14-17), use the "Y14+" rating label instead.  GIF GIF
Activities which are for youth in Venturing Crews and Sea Scout Ships, as well as older youth in Scout Troops (14-17). Unless otherwise noted, younger Scout Leaders (18-20) may also attend with Venturers. GIF GIF
Activity is appropriate for all youth members - Cubs, Scouts, Sea Scouts and Venturers GIF GIF
Activity for Adult Leaders only. Use this rating alone if no youth members are invited. If event is for leaders and older youth, use Y14+ in addition to L. 

Do not use "L" for normal youth-oriented activities (it's a given that leaders are expected to accompany Cubs, Scouts or Venturers). 

If only youth leaders are invited, add a text note under the graphic:

- Senior Patrol Leaders, ASPL and JASM may attend -
Venturing Crew Presidents / VP may attend -

Blank rating label for use in other situations not noted above. Insert wording similar to that in the other rating labels as appropriate, and delete logo(s) which don't apply. GIF GIF

If there are any questions or for help in using the graphics, contact District Commissioner Mike Brown - DC@TCScouts.org

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