We’re all about flying - how about you?
Join Aviation Explorer Post 62!
East Hill Flying Club, Ithaca Airport

If you’re someone between 14 and 20 who loves flying or wants to learn more about the exciting world of aviation, then our post is for you!

Post 62 meets on second Sunday of each month at 3:00pm at the East Hill Flying Club
Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport, 62 Brown Rd. Ithaca NY. Unless, of course, we're off doing something...

We visit museums and airports, have guest speakers at our meetings to talk about what they’ve done in aviation - airline pilots or recreational flyers, instructors or students, controllers or drone pilots. We’ve visited local airports and air traffic control towers; gone to air shows; done ground school instruction… you’ll help plan what we do!

Here is our 2022 meeting and outing schedule

February 13th - Plan a flight to Sun’n Fun
March 14th - Annual Calendar Planning Meeting  
April 26th - Tour of Cornell's Build Facility 
May 14th - Help out at the EAA Chapter 811 Young Eagles Rally
June 4th (Rain date June 5th) - Reading World War II Days - The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum hosts a World War Two Weekend every year, featuring an airshow with warbirds of all varieties. “Diamond Lil”, one of the very few remaining flying B-24 Liberator bombers, will be there in 2019, along with the CAF’s B-29 bomber "FIFI" (one of only two left flying), and many more. Meet, speak with, and collect autographs from WWII veteran Special Guests, and hear their fascinating, first-person accounts, presented daily on stage and in the briefing tent. More than 1,700 WWII military and civilian re-enactors and dozens of combat and support units, representing many nations, will be all around you. See up to 200 military vehicles, from motorcycles to Jeeps to tanks - the biggest gathering in the country. Stroll around the sprawling encampments and experience what life was like for the "G.I. Joe's", "Tommies", "Diggers","Ivans", and "Jerries" in the field.

Also, June 28th - EAA Chapter 811 Hangar Block Party at Ithaca Airport - all Explorers are welcome!

July 10th (Rain date July 9th or August 14th) -  The Hudson River Corridor - There’s no city quite like New York City, and we’ll have the opportunity to fly beside its skyscrapers and circle the Statue of Liberty. Departure time will be determined when we line up volunteer pilots and airplanes. We've had to cancel twice before due to weather and then Covid-19 - third time's a charm!
Also, July 16th - EAA Chapter 811 Fly-in Barbecue at Rick Reynolds' Perry City International airstrip - all Explorers are welcome. 
August 14th  - Fly out for Dinner somewhere (to be determined) 
September 10th-11th - Super Activity - an overnight trip to Dayton, Ohio, to visit the Air Force Museum

October 9th - Harris Hill Soaring Museum 

November 13th - either visit Doug Binder to look at his homebuilding project, or Ron Anthonson (A&P/IA in Cortland) 
December 11th - Something at Cornell - to be arranged by Mike Thompson   

Download a copy of our 2022 Schedule here (PDF)

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