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Region Patches

Originally, there were twelve BSA regions, numbered one through twelve. We were in Region 2, along with New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. 

Today, we're in Area 3 of the Northeast Region

The South Central Region no longer exists, having been merged into the Southern Region and Central Region

National Awards and Programs

Leather version of 50-miler patch
Bill Fischbach Collection

This patch was issued in 2010 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the BSA It was designed to go around the International Crest.

A patch for all of the BSA High Adventure Bases.
Date is not known, but given that the 1960's version of the Exploring logo is on the top of the patch, it is most likely this patch is from the mid-to-late 60's

Date unknown. 

Pinback Button name badge

This special one dollar coin was issued by the Mint 
for the 2010 BSA Centennial Celebration

Philmont Scout Ranch is a National High Adventure Base in Cimarron, NM. It was donated to the BSA in 1938. This is a 6-inch back patch. 

Bill Fischbach Collection

Project SOAR (Save Our American Resources) was run in 1971-1976 by the BSA to encourage councils to run conservation- or environment-oriented Camporees and other programs on a local basis. This is a five-inch back patch issued in 1971, the first year of the program.

In 1972, the date was removed from the SOAR patches. 

Junior Leader Training Conference - a predecessor to today's NYLT

Quality Unit Patches

The BSA has run variations on the "Quality Unit" program for many years to reward Packs, Troops, Posts, Crews and Ships for meeting certain operational standards. The present version is called "Journey to Excellence". Units which met the Quality Unit criteria were given a certificate, and could purchase small patches to be worn on the sleeve underneath the unit numbers. Originally, these patches were just a light-blue patch with a white border, then units which qualified more than once could get patches with one or two stars. The simple patches were replaced by patches which listed the year and the words "Quality Unit".

Districts and Councils also had (and have) "Quality" criteria to meet, and similar patches to the unit versions.
The border on the Journey to Excellence versions indicates the level of achievement - as seen in these patches, Taughannock District earned Silver in 2014, Gold in 2016 and 2019.
A belt buckle given to Scouts at Scout Camps who won the inter-camp NRA-sponsored rifle competition. The program continues to this day.

These "Universal" emblems are supplied with the red wool jacket and can be purchased and sewn on pretty much any garment. This particular patch probably dates to the late 1960's, before the Exploring program was replaced by Venturing.

National Recruitment Campaigns

The BSA used the "Adventure Roundup" patch in 1963 
(the trademark was registered in 1969)

Date unknown

The BSA used the Boypower-Manpower program from 1968-1976

Dated Boypower-Manpower patch - 1970

Follow the Rugged Road - c.1966

A different Follow the Rugged Road design

Scouting Rounds a Guy Out - 1967 campaign theme

In 2016, the National Chief Scout Executive issued a "Challenge Coin" for any District or Council which achieved positive membership growth in 2016. Baden-Powell Council and Taughannock District received them.

Recruiter Strips


America's Bicentennial 1974-77

The BSA issued a number of special patches for activities surrounding the 1976 Bicentennial celebration

Diamond Jubilee - 75th Anniversary 1985

The BSA issued a line of special patches in 1985 for the 75th Anniversary year. Blue-bordered patches were earned by Cubs, green-bordered patches by Scouts. Patches with red, gold or silver borders were for more general achievements, not related to a specific program. 

A blank version of the patch was available for councils to customize, as well.

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