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The International Crest patch - worn by Scouts in nearly every country

Brownsea Island Patrol was an Internet group for Scouters, most of whom had met at the Blair Atholl Jamborette in Scotland.

The international Jamboree on The Trail was run for a few years in the late 90's. Scouts around the world all hiked on the same day. 

Courtesy Liam Murphy

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Lots of Scouts and Scouters collect patches - your Webmaster is no exception. So, I've put up a Virtual Patch Collection for the district. It's by no means exhaustive, but it's what I've got. If you felt like contributing pictures of some patches we don't yet have in the collection, please e-mail them to Mike Brown at wb2jwd@gmail.com - the scans should be between 450-600 pixels in width and height(no multi-megabyte scans, please, they crash my e-mail program) and in JPG or PNG format if possible. Of course, if you wanted to give me the actual patches, I won't insult you by refusing...

-Mike Brown

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