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Virtual Patch Collection - Blair Atholl Jamborette

The Blair Atholl Jamborette, held in Perthshire, Scotland, every even-numbered year since 1946, is a unique Scouting experience in which merged patrols of twelve Scouts - half from Scotland and half from another country - participate in Scouting activities for ten days, followed by visits by the international Scouts to the homes of their Scottish patrol mates. The Baden-Powell Council has sent contingents to the Jamborette in 1988 and 1996-2016, and we plan to return again in 2018. For pictures and stories of our Scottish experiences, see our website at BPBlairAtholl.org

The original Blair Atholl Jamborette patch, from the first on in 1946. This patch isn't in my collection, unfortunately - it was in a display cabinet at the Jamborette. 

Every participant at the Jamborette gets one of these patches to wear on their uniform - and only one. Lose it, and it's just too bad. There aren't any more. As a result, these patches are rare, and anyone who's been to Blair treasures their Jamborette patch.

These patches can be bought at the camp store, so they're much more common.

The 2020 Blair Atholl Jamborette was canceled due to Covid-19.
This red-bordered patch was sent to everyone who would have been there. 
A Virtual Jamborette, called "Blair Everywhere", was held on the same weekend as would have been the Country Fayre/Visitor Day. 

White Cockade

While at the Jamborette the Scouts work on earning their "White Cockade" patch by participating in at least ten activities. The Cockade is named after the piece of cloth Bonnie Prince Charlie's troops pinned to their hats during the 1746 Jacobite Rising - there's an original cockade on display at Blair Castle, and the Scouts can see it while they take a tour of the Castle. 

This patch was used in 1996, at least. 

The current patch is fancier.

Special White Cockade for the 60th Anniversary Jamborette

The 2008 Cockade was on the same pattern as the 2006


A Woggle ("neckerchief slide", to Americans) from the 1954 Jamborette

Ceramic Plaque made by a leader for 2002

"Oor Wullie" woggle sold by Scottish contingent to 2019 World Scout Jamboree

Oor Wullie (Our Willy) is Willie Brown - a character in a long-running Scottish comic strip called "The Broons" - think of Dennis the Menace with a Scottish accent.

Jamborette Banner from the second Jamborette

Contingent Patches

B-P Council 1988 Blair Atholl Contingent
The only time we had a custom CSP for a contingent. 

B-P Council 2010 Contingent - our first pocket patch

B-P Council 2012 Contingent

B-P Council 2014 Contingent
An offbeat patch, designed by one of the Scouts - B-P wearing shades and holding a can of Scotland's Other National Drink - Irn Bru.

B-P Council 2016 Contingent patch

B-P Council 2018 Contingent patch
Back to offbeat patches - this time, B-P in armor and the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

B-P Council Patch for our 2020 UK trip, which we planned to take after the Blair Atholl Jamborette had been canceled...
...which we didn't take because everything else wound up canceled, too...

Our 2022 patch is slightly larger than the past patches - 3.5"

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Lots of Scouts and Scouters collect patches - your Webmaster is no exception. So, I've put up a Virtual Patch Collection for the district. It's by no means exhaustive, but it's what I've got. If you felt like contributing pictures of some patches we don't yet have in the collection, please e-mail them to Mike Brown at wb2jwd@gmail.com - the scans should be between 450-600 pixels in width and height(no multi-megabyte scans, please, they crash my e-mail program) and in JPG or PNG format if possible. Of course, if you wanted to give me the actual patches, I won't insult you by refusing...

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