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To celebrate the 50th birthday of the BSA, Councils around the country held "Jubilee Camporees" and used this patch.

To save money, many events used generic patches, supplied by National or patch companies without local identification.

The ultimate in generic Camporee patches...

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Tioughnioga Council - 
before 1940 Cortland County was part of the Onandaga-Cortland Council

1976-1998 Baden-Powell Council (rel. 1.0) and Susquenango Council

In 1976, the Louis Agassiz Fuertes Council and the Tioughnioga Council merged to form the Baden-Powell Council.

The Tiohero District covered the Dryden area. Within a few years it was merged into the neighboring Tioughnioga District in Cortland County.

For a while, the B-P Council ordered patches for district events with only the council name on them, so that all districts could use the same patch and save money on quantity discounts. 

The Baden-Powell Council (and the LAF Council before it) held Scout Shows in Barton Hall at Cornell University.

The Bowl-a-Thon was a fundraiser staple of the late 70's and early 80's

The BSA distributed a series of patches to celebrate its 75th anniversary, which could be customized by adding the council name to the bottom of the border. 

The first of the Civil War-themed Blue and Gray Camporees - we've re-run this Camporee several times since 1993, and it's been done in half a dozen other councils using our materials. 

A Science-Fiction Themed Camporee.
The last Camporee held at Camp Purchas.

The first Camporee held on Mike Brown's land in Harford

Held at Highland Forest Park

The Civil War Camporee, run as a Council Camporee this time, at Greenwood Park in Nanticoke.

The year before Baden-Powell Council (rel. 1.0) and Susquenango Council merged to form Baden-Powell Council (rel. 2.0), troops from the B-P Council attended the Susquenango Council Fall Camporee, held in Chenango Forks State Park. 

1998 to Present - Baden-Powell Council (rel. 2.0)

The first Council Camporee for the new Baden-Powell Council (rel. 2.0)

For a while in the late 90's through early 2000's, Tioughnioga District used pin-back badges instead of embroidered patches. This Camporee was held at Highland Forest Park

This patch was used for a number of years for Winter Camporee Staff

Council Scottish Camporee - held at Broome County Fairgrounds 
in  Whitney Point

Winter Camporee at Camp Barton

Mall Show at Oakdale Mall

2002 Winter Camporee - Camp Barton

This 2004 winter camporee was advertised as a "Mammoth Hunt", but when the Scouts arrived at Camp Barton it turned into a Disaster Preparedness training program. 

Held at Camp Barton

Automotive Mechanics Merit Badge was the focus of this Camporee, held at Royal Chevrolet in Cortland. 

Emergency Preparedness Rally at DeWitt Jr. High in Ithaca

For the 2007 version of the Blue and Gray Camporee, we had two patches - one for the patrols representing Union regiments and one for the patrols representing Confederate regiments. The idea was that the Scouts could cut the patches in half and trade with their counterparts in the other army. Unfortunately, the patches did not arrive in time, so they all survive intact. 

Science-Fiction Winter Camporee at Camp Barton

Council Camporee held at Camp Tuscarora

Held at Camp Barton - upper fields

This Council Camporee celebrated the centennial of the BSA. It was held at Greenwood Park in Nanticoke.

Scottish-themed Camporee held at Camp Barton

Winter Camporee held at Camp Barton

Aviation Merit Badge Camporee - held at Ithaca Airport

Fall Camporee on Search and Rescue theme
Held on Mike Brown's land, Harford

Winter Camporee held at Camp Barton

Cooking Camporee held in Marathon

The Blue and Grey Camporee again
Held at Mike Brown's land, Harford

Held at Camp Barton

Council Camporee held at Chenango Forks State Park

Aviation Merit Badge Camporee held at Ithaca Airport

Taughannock District 2016 Fall Camporee 
at Central NY Living History Center (Homer)

Taughannock District 2017 Winter Camporee held at Camp Barton

Auto-Ree - Taughannock District 2017 Fall Camporee
at Central NY Living History Center (Homer)

On the Oregon Trail - Klonduck 2018
Camp Barton

Unknown Year / Multiple Use 




Lots of Scouts and Scouters collect patches - your Webmaster is no exception. So, I've put up a Virtual Patch Collection for the district. It's by no means exhaustive, but it's what I've got. If you felt like contributing pictures of some patches we don't yet have in the collection, please e-mail them to Mike Brown at wb2jwd@gmail.com - the scans should be between 450-600 pixels in width and height(no multi-megabyte scans, please, they crash my e-mail program) and in JPG or PNG format if possible. Of course, if you wanted to give me the actual patches, I won't insult you by refusing...

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