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Camp Barton Patches

The Barton “B” award was originated by Sam Bogan, the first director of Camp Barton, when Camp Barton was still located at Taughannock Point, where the State Park is today. At that time it was called “the Camp Letters”, and the original “B” was just that - a letter “B” cut out of blue felt. 

In 1925, two years before Camp Barton moved to Frontenac, first-year campers earned a basic “B” in gold felt, as well as a blue and gold ribbon, for earning 75 points in subjects involving nature, camp improvement, handicraft, scoutcraft and camp spirit. Second year campers earning 100 points were awarded a blue “B”. Third year campers specializing in some subject such as nature or craftsmanship earned a gold-and-blue “B”.

This plain "B" patch was sold during the 2002 75th Anniversary year

A Barton B from the 1950's with a collection of segments. 
Year numbers were awarded for earning the "B" two years, three, and so on. For the fifth and higher years, Scouts got a "V" (Veteran) segment. 

"Eager Beaver" segment

Sports segment

Nature Study segment today - at one point, it meant "early payment"

Chi Sigma was a predecessor to the Order of the Arrow

Another Sports Segment

Bugler Segment

1967 Marksmanship Bar

Current Barton "B" design

Variation without the fleur-de-lis on the falls

Fiftieth Anniversary Barton "B" - 1977

Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Barton "B" - 2002

This variation on the "B" was an error on the part of the patch company - the patch is oval instead of round. They were not reordered once the batch ran out.

1973 Camp Barton patch
This kind of patch was sold in the Camp Store

Undated Camp Barton Patch - 1990's

1993 Camp Barton Patch

1995 Camp Barton Patch

2013 Camp Barton Patch

1991 Camp Barton OA Patch 

This special patch was issued in 2020 as a fundraiser. It could be purchased individually, or in a five-patch set with a Tuscarora patch (below), an OA pocket flap and a Council Shoulder Patch and pocket patch

This patch was issued to those involved in the Archaeology Program in 2021

Six Inch Camp Barton Back Patch
Dave Gross Collection

Other Camps

Camp Purchas in Lincklaen served the Scouts of the Tioughnioga Council from 1948 through 1974, when the Tioughnioga Council merged with the LAF Council to form the original Baden- Powell Council. 
This is an early felt-type camp patch, with rockers for the 1949 and 1950 seasons, as well as a staff rocker.
Mike Homrighaus Collection

An embroidered Camp Tioughnioga patch, probably from the 1960's.
After it closed as a summer camp in 1974, Camp Tioughnioga continued to be used by the Baden-Powell Council and Tioughnioga District for training events and camporees until its sale in 1994. 

Bill Fischbach Collection

Another printed felt patch for 1949
Miike Homrighaus Collection

In 1953, the Susquenango Council moved its camp to Camp Summit in Deposit, NY. The camp was later renamed Camp Tuscarora, and it is still in owned and operated by the Baden-Powell Council (rel. 2.0). 

This special patch was issued in 2020 as a fundraiser. It could be purchased individually, or in a five-patch set with a Barton B (above), an OA pocket flap and a Council Shoulder Patch and pocket patch. 

Camp Spaulding on Cincinnatus Lake in Cortland County was operated by the Susquenango Council from 1925 through 1953.
The Susquenango Council merged with the Baden-Powell Council (rel. 1.0) in 1998 to form the present Baden-Powell Council (rel. 2.0)

Camp Warren Cutler, in Naples, NY, was opened by the Rochester Council in 1966.

Today, the camp is known as J. Warren Cutler Scout Reservation, and it is operated by the Seneca Waterways Council.

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