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Baltimore Area Council in Maryland 
2010 Blair Atholl Jamborette Contingent CSP

Baltimore Area Council - 2012 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Baltimore Area Council - 2016 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Blue Grass Council, Lexington KY, covers 55 counties in Central and Eastern Kentucky

Cape Fear Council covers southern North Carolina

Cascade Pacific Council covers northwest Oregon and southwest Washington states

Cataline Council covers southern Arizona

Circle Ten Council, Dallas Texas, covers central northern Texas and part of Oklahoma

Connecticut Yankee Council covers Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut

Cradle of Liberty Council covers Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania

Desert Trails Council merged with San Diego Council in 1993, and is now part of the San Diego-Imperial Council

Unsurprisingly, East Texas Area Council covers the East Texas Area.

Fairfield County Council was created in 1972 with the merger of three Councils: Mauwehu, Pomperaug and Alfred W. Dater. The Council merged with Quinnipiac Council to form Connecticut Yankee Council in 1998.

Fairfield County Council - special 25th anniversary patch from 1997, the council's last year of operation

Far East Council covers BSA members in the westerm Pacific and Asia - mostly units on military bases or embassies. The Transatlantic Council is the equivalent in Europe. 

Five Rivers Council - Horseheads, NY
The ultimate generic council patch - "Your Council Name"
Sample sent out for the 1989 National Jamboree

Georgia-Carolina Council covers the central Savannah River area of Georgia and South Carolina, with headquarters in Augusta, Georgia.

Greater New York Councils - special 9/11 memorial patch.

Greater New York Councils - with an "s", since there are actually five councils, one for each borough of New York City. This one is for Manhattan.

Greater New York Councils - Staten Island 

Grand Canyon Council is headquartered in Phoenix, and serves most of Arizona.

Greater St. Louis Area Council covers southeastern Missouri and southern Illinois with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

Gulf Ridge Council merged with the West Central Florida Council in March 2016 to form the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council.

 Gulf Stream Council covers southeast Florida - Glades, Hendry, Indian River, Martin,  Okeechobee, Palm Beach and St. Lucie Counties.

This is an old-style red-and-white patch which would have been worn from the 1950's through the early 1980's by council-level Scouters, while unit-level Scouts and Scouters would have worn a similar patch with the name of their community. This predates the colorful council shoulder patches which are used universally today. 

Hiawatha Council, headquartered in Syracuse, NY, covered the area around Syracuse in Central NY. It merged with Seaway Valley Council in 1999 to form the Hiawatha-Seaway Council.

Hiawatha Seaway Council covered the area from Syracuse, NY, north to the Canadian border. It merged with the Cayuga County Council in 2010 to form the Longhouse Council.

Hudson-Delaware Council merged with Dutchess County and Rockland County Councils in 1996 to form Hudson Valley Council

Land of the Oneidas Council covered the Utica area. It merged with General Herkimer Council in 2001 to form the Revolutionary Trails Council.

Land of the Oneidas - 1986 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Longhorn Council covers 23 counties in north and central Texas. Its headquarters is near Fort Worth

Longhorn Council - 1996 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Longhorn Council - 2000 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Longhorn Council - 2000 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Longhorn Council - 2006 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Longhorn Council - 2016 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Longhouse Council covers covers Cayuga, Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego, Onondaga, and St. Lawrence Counties in New York State. It is headquartered in Syracuse, NY

Longhouse Council - Blair Atholl Jamborette patch

Los Padres Council covers the area around Santa Barbara, California

Another old-style red and white shoulder patch.
Mecklenburg County Council covers, as you might suspect, Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. 

Mid-America Council covers 58 counties in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota

Mohegan Council covers an area of Southern Central  Massachusetts. It's headquartered in Worcester, MA

Mohican Council was located north of Albany, headquartered in Glens Falls. In 1998 it merged into the Twin Rivers Council

Monterey Bay Area Council merged with Santa Clara County Council in 2012 to form the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council. 

Monterey Bay - 1998 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Monterey Bay - 2010 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Monterey Bay - 2012 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Narragansett Council covers all of Rhode Island, plus parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Nassau County Council was renamed "Theodore Roosevelt Council" in 1997. Teddy Roosevelt's home is located in the Council, which covers Nassau County on Long Island.

National Capital Area Council covers Washington, D.C. as well as parts of Maryland and Virginia. The council also serves the United States Virgin Islands.

NeTseO Trails Council was headquartered in Plains, Texas. It merged into the Circle Ten Council on March 1, 2017 (three days before I'm typing this, as it happens).

Northeast Illinois Council covers the area north of Chicago along the shore of Lake Michigan. Its headquarters is in Highland Park, IL.

North Florida Council covers the 17 counties of northeast Florida

Northwest Suburban Council covered an area northwest of Chicago and west of Northeast Illinois Council. It merged with Calumet Council, Chicago Area Council, and Des Plaines Valley Council in 2015 to form the Pathway to Adventure Council. 

Okaw Valley Council in southwest Illinois merged with the Trails West Council in 2009 to form the Lewis & Clark Council. 

For the 2005 National Jamboree, the Okaw Valley troops wore council strips bearing different characters from the "Popeye" comics. This one is Bluto, in case you hadn't noticed. 

Popeye himself was also featured on Okaw Valley CSPs for the 2005 Jamboree. 

Another variant on the 2005 Okaw Valley CSP

Old North State Council covers eastern and southern portions of the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina.

Orange County Council in California is one of the largest in the BSA in terms of youth membership. 

Not a BSA Council patch, but similar - Pacific Explorer Scouts is in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Rainbow Council covers northeastern Illinois, south of Chicago

Santa Clara County Council merged with Monterey Bay Council in 2012 to form the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council. 

Santa Clara County - 2000 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Santa Clara County - 2002 Blair Atholl Jamborette

Simon Kenton Council, headquartered in Columbus OH, covers central and southern Ohio, and northern Kentucky. 

Southwest Florida Council covers Charlotte, Collier, Lee, Manatee, Sarasota and parts of DeSoto and Hendry counties in Florida.

Suffolk County Council covers Suffolk County, NY, which is the eastern portion of Long Island. 

The original Theodore Roosevelt Council in Arizona merged into the Grand Canyon Council in 1993. 
Since 1997, the "Theodore Roosevelt Council" name is used by the council in Nassau County, Long Island. 

Tidewater Council covers southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. 

The Transatlantic Council is the western equivalent of the Far East Council. It covers overseas BSA members in 23 countries of Europe, central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Its members are the children of international businesspeople, American expat community, diplomatic corps officials, and U.S. military personnel.

In terms of land area, it is the largest of the councils of the Boy Scouts of America. Interestingly, it is considered part of the North East Region of the BSA. 

This red-and-white patch would have been used from the 1950's through the 1980's. 

Pocket patch worn by Transatlantic Council members.

Trapper Trails Council covers Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

Twin Rivers Council covers thirteen counties - most of northeast New York state. It was formed by the merger over the 1991-2006 period of the former Governor Clinton, Mohican, Sir William Johnson, Saratoga, Schenectady County, Wakpominee and  Adirondack Councils.

Another Canadian shoulder patch, again from Victoria BC

Western Colorado Council, headquarted in Grand Junction, covers fifteen counties of northwest Colorado. 

West Tennessee Area Council covers all of western Tennessee except Shelby County.

This isn't a council patch, as such. It refers to Area 3 of the Northeast Region, which happens to be the area in which the Baden-Powell Council is located. This sort of strip would have been worn by Scouters in Woodbadge courses, where ordinary troop numerals would have been located to the right of this strip to complete the Woodbadge course number, which is in the form of region-area-sequential course number. For example, the Woodbadge course I took in 1984 was numbered NE-II-45. 

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