Taughannock District
Baden-Powell Council, BSA

The 2009 Taughannock District Mall show was held on Valentine's Day, February 14th, at the Shops at Ithaca Mall.  Here are some pictures from the Show.

Troop 34 Newfield provided a boat-building exercise 
for the visitors. 

A "Fling the Stuffed Animal" game...

Troop 48 Lansing had a display of pictures of
their troop activities, and a "Kinetic Cannon"
shooting ball bearings into a cup.

Troop 77 Groton put up a Model Campsite

Pack 46 Freeville had Cubs and visitors building carts...

...with bodies made of cardboard and pasta wheels...

... which then ran down tracks carrying eggs...

...with predictable (and messy) results!

A treasure hunt - find the gold nuggets and dinosaurs in the tub of plastic peanuts.

Some Cubs really got into it - full ostrich mode!

Troop 2 Ithaca had a nature knowledge quiz

Two "Indians" and a fox from Troop 90 Marathon

Venture Crew 88 Cortland

Explorer Post 392 Ithaca Police Dept.

The Pinewood Derby

First, the cars are checked in, weighed and numbered...

Then, it's time to race!

The track gets faster...

...the louder you yell!
We'd like to thank the Mall for providing the space, Scott Mosher 
and his crew for organizing and running the Pinewood Derby, 
and a big "Thank You" to all the Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, 
Explorers and Leaders who took part in the show. 

Copyright 2010 Taughannock District BSA