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The Baden-Powell Council has begun sending out a bi-weekly e-newsletter called The Link. 
If you did not receive a copy recently, then you should sign up through the Council to get on the mailing list!

Materials to help your unit's recruiting!

BSA National's Recruiting Materials Website

Try National's Branding Center for flyers, posters, cards, yard signs - you name it!
There's also a Membership and Marketing Hub on the Scoutingwire.org resources site.

Peer-to-Peer Business Cards

The best recruiters for your unit are your present members! Prospective Cubs or Scouts will be much more likely to take a look at your unit if they're asked by someone their own age. National has provided forms for Peer-to-Peer Business Cards you can use for your unit. Print these cards on pre-perforated Avery 8371 or Staples 12522 Business Cards or the equivalent, or print on plain 8½x11" card stock and cut them to size on a paper cutter. Hand them out to your youth members and let them give the cards to prospective recruits!

  • Cub Scout Peer-to-Peer Cards - two sided, the back side of these cards can be filled in with an invitation to a specific event PDF

  • Scout Peer-to-Peer Cards - two sided, the back side of these cards can be filled in with an invitation to a specific event PDF

  • Happy Halloween Cub Scout Peer-to-Peer Cards - with Taughannock District website and e-mail - PDF

Downloadable Forms

Most BSA National forms can be found on the BSA website at http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/forms.aspx
Note: Some forms have local B-P Council equivalents, like the Merit Badge Counselor registration form. Check the lists below to see if there's a local form before you download the generic National form!

This page lists the most commonly needed forms, both National and locally generated. These forms are provided in a variety of formats, denoted by the following codes:

  • No format indicated (hyperlink) = you may view and print this form from your web browser.
  • PDF = Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). You need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can obtain free on the Adobe website.
  • RTF - Rich Text Format - used by Microsoft Word and some other products.
  • DOC = Microsoft Word for Windows 2003 or earlier (DOC) format.
  • DOCX = Microsoft Word for Windows 2007 or later (DOCX) format.
  • XLS = Microsoft Excel 2003 or earlier (XLS) format
  • XLSX = Microsoft Excel 2007 or later (XLSX) format

Note: Wherever possible, these forms are links to BSA National's own forms site or to the Baden-Powell Council Forms Site, so as to always have the most up to date forms. Forms from those sites are flagged as "link to BSA site" or "link to BP site"

  • Scouting forms from the National Council web page.   
  • Advancement Form - These forms should be submitted in triplicate - Council, District and Troop copies: link to BSA site PDF
  • Application Forms: 
    • Youth Member: link to BSA site - PDF
    • Adult Volunteer: link to BSA site - PDF
  • Attendance Card for School Night - PDF - prints four to a page on letter size card stock
  • Background Check Authorization Form and Disclosure Document - PDF - Note: every volunteer needs to submit a signed Authorization Form with their unit recharter package or annual registration (for council/district Scouters) each year. Make sure you've read the Disclosure Document first. 
  • "Blue Cards" - Merit Badge Application form: PDF (link to US Scouts Service Project website)
  • BSA Lifeguard Application link to BSA site PDF
  • Campership Application - See the Baden-Powell Council website
  • Cub Scout Parent's Information Card - to hand out to parents at recruiting functions - prints four to a page on letter size card stock
    • Blank form in PDF format - print, then fill out by hand
    • Customizable form in MS Word format - fill this out with your pack's information before printing
  • Distinguished Unit Criteria - See the Baden-Powell Council website
  • District Award of Merit Nomination - see Advancement Page
  • Duty Roster - DOC
  • Eagle Project Workbook: Download from National Site (fillable PDF)- for use by Eagle Candidates
  • Eagle Scout Biography and Project Summary Report - Download a locally modified copy  PDF. Submit this form with the Eagle Scout Rank Application form. 
  • Eagle Scout Rank ApplicationDownload from National Site (fillable PDF) - NOTE: be sure you use the most current form! The older forms will not be accepted  see the District Advancement Page for more information. Make sure that you submit the Eagle Scout Biography and Project Summary Report with the application. 
  • Family Talent Survey - PDF
  • Fifty Miler Afoot/Afloat Application PDF
  • Financial Aid 
    • 2021 Financial Aid Form - Baden-Powell Council - request for help with registration fees - PDF
    • New Scout Assistance Fund - provides assistance with the $25 new member fee for Taughannock District Scouts - send e-mail to NewScoutFund@TCScouts.org or to the district professionals at DE@TCScouts.org indicating how many new Scouts you have who will need assistance with the fee. 
  • Guide to Safe Scouting - link to BSA site Web page or PDF
  • Historic Trails Award Application: link to BSA site PDF
  • Hornaday Awards Nationally awarded conservation awards. Application form 
  • Insignia Placement Guide (Boy Scout) link to BSA site - PDF
  • International Opportunities for Scouts: See the Activities Page
  • International Camp Staff Program - this program has been reinstated for 2023.
  • Journey to Excellence requirements forms: See the district advancement and recognition page - also Link to National JTE page
  • Medical Form - BSA has revised the medical form system again. Go to this page on the National Website to get the specific form(s) you need - in addition to the two common ones below, there are also specific forms and information for the various high adventure bases. For direct links to the most commonly needed medical forms:
  • Meeting Plan Form 
  • Merit Badge Counselor Application - form fillable PDF - 2019 version
    Note: new MB counselors must also submit an Adult registration form, even if they are already registered in some other capacity.  
  • Merit Badge Counselor list (for entire B-P Council) - see Advancement Page
  • Money Earning Permit Application Required before running a unit fundraiser - link to BSA site PDF
  • National Eagle Scout Association (NESA): link to general NESA website
  • National Summertime Pack Award Application link to BSA site PDF
  • National Unit Leader Award of Merit Nomination -(Replaced the former NESA Scoutmaster Award of Merit) - see Advancement Page
  • Peer-to-Peer Business Cards - print these cards and have your youth members give them to prospective recruits! 

    • Cub Scout Peer-to-Peer Cards - two sided, the back side of these cards can be filled in with an invitation to a specific event PDF

    • Scout Peer-to-Peer Cards - two sided, the back side of these cards can be filled in with an invitation to a specific event PDF

    • Happy Halloween Cub Scout Peer-to-Peer Cards - with Taughannock District website and e-mail PDF

  • Rating Labels - "this event is rated 'S' for Scouts BSA" -  if you're setting up a District-level or Council-level event, you should put a rating label on it to indicate which program(s) the event is intended for. Download the graphics from this web page
  • Recharter Forms:

    • 2023 Camp Promotion Signup PDF

    • 2021 Annual Unit Charter Agreement PDF (unchanged for 2022)

    • 2022 Friends of Scouting (FOS) Presentation Sign-up PDF

    • 2022 Unit Account User Designation PDF

    • Financial Assistance Request Form PDF

  • Recharter Informational Handouts:

    • Registration Fees - Traditional BSA Youth PDF (updated 8/1/22)

    • Registration Fees - Adults and Exploring PDF (updated 8/1/22)
    • BSA Liability Insurance Information PDF

    • Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units PDF

  • Internet Recharter 2.0 System: 

    • User Guide PDF

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) PDF

  • Safety and Risk Assessment Checklist from the UK Scout Association website - PDF
  • ScoutBook Instructions:
    • ScoutBook for Parents - PDF
    • ScoutBook for Leaders - PDF
  • Spark Plug Award Nomination - see District Awards on Advancement Page
  • Tour Plan: The Tour Plan (formerly Tour Permit) was eliminated, effective April 1, 2017. There is no longer any need to submit a form before taking your unit somewhere. Just make sure that your actions conform with the Guide to Safe Scouting, as you would anyway, right?
  • Training Knots - see Advancement Page
  • Transfer Form Link to National BSA PDF
  • Troop Campout Plan in XLS format, courtesy of Troop 4 Ithaca
  • Uniforming -links to BSA site 
  • Veteran Scouter Award Application - for applying for Veteran year pins (every 5 years). Note that pins up to 20 years are awarded by Council, 25 years and up are from National. Submit the application to the Council office in any case. National BSA link - PDF 
  • World Conservation Award (the panda patch) - link to National BSA PDF 

Camp Barton Forms 
See the Baden-Powell Council website

All forms links checked OK as of January 13, 2021 - if you find a broken link, please e-mail webmaster

Our District Coat of Arms...

Our then-District Chair, Liam Murphy, created a Coat of Arms for the Taughannock District. In keeping with his expertise in Celtic Heraldry, the new arms have a shield quartered in red and white. Clockwise from the upper left, the symbols are the Scout fleur-de-lis, a dragon for Cortland County (SUNY's mascot), a Mallard Duck (of course), and a bear for Tompkins County (Cornell's mascot). The shield is supported by a Thumb Stick (traditional Scout walking stick), which also hangs a Scout campaign hat. Under the shield, there's a scroll bearing the Taughannock District Latin Motto - "Quantem autem quisque non lactaverunt", a sentiment we can all support..

Well Done Liam!

You can download the Coat of Arms here: Large or Medium Size

Masonic Scouting Awards

The Masons have two awards available for Scouts and Scouters. 

The General Douglas MacArthur Youth Award recognizes distinguished or outstanding voluntary community service by non-Masonic orgaiznations or individuals. It is given to "those who have given of themselves, that ultimate goal in life, serving our youth."  Download a nomination form here (PDF).

The Eagle Scout Award "recognizes the dedication of a Scout to the pursuits of Scouting and of his achievement leading to Eagle Scout. The recipient will get a special personalized commendation certificate and letter from the Grand Master, along with a medallion. Download a nomination form here (PDF). 

Roundtable Notes and Handouts
and other District Resources

See the Roundtable and Program Resources page

Useful Scouting Links

Links to Scouting Websites

Program Resource Links

  • Looking for Games and things to do with Cubs or Scouts?
  • Cub Scout Resources
  • Campfire Songs
  • Knots Resources:
  • Hiking:
  • Camping:
  • Other Program Resources
  • Boy Scout Handbooks and other Scouting publications (from Google Books)
    • 1911 First Official Handbook 
    • 1912 Scoutmasters Handbook  
    • 1913 Official Handbook
    • Boys Life Magazine - index to all issues available on Google Books 
    • Scouting Magazine - index to all issues available on Google Books

      Here are some Boys Life and Scouting issues with particular local interest:

      • March 1911 - the very first issue of the new Boys' Life - the magazine was not yet owned by the BSA, which was just getting organized. 
      • July 1912 - The BSA bought Boys Life for $6,000 ($1 per subscriber) on June 10, 1912, and July was the first issue which had "Official Publication of the Boy Scouts of America" on the masthead. The content of the magazine became much more Scout-oriented than the earlier issues, with many articles written by BSA Founders Ernest Thompson Seton and Daniel Carter Beard. 
      • August 1912 - Page 34 has a proposal for how to organize a Scout Council, written by W.R. George, Director of George Junior Republic in Freeville. This issue announced the first two Scouts in the USA to earn the Eagle Award, which then had the sole requirement of earning 21 merit badges. Having two Eagles this early is notable - so few merit badges had been earned since the founding of the BSA that every Scout who had earned even one merit badge was listed by name in this issue of Boys Life, with his list of badges
      • April 1914 - "The members of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Dryden, NY, have taken a great interest in the Troop of which the pastor, Dr. W. Herbert Moore, is Scout Master. Dr. Moore recently preached a special sermon to the Scouts, and at the close of the service the large congregation showed by their welcome of the boys that they were enthusiastic over their work..." 
      • April 1915 - A big month for Cortland Scouts - "With the Boy Scouts Afield" reports that Avie Houser received an Honor Medal, Jackson Lyman got a Letter of Commendation, and Earl Wright was one of three Scouts in the country to earn Life Scout that month. 
      • October 1915 - Earle W. Wright went on to earn his Eagle Scout award, with the BSA only four years old, he was probably the first in Cortland County to earn his Eagle. 
      • August 1916 - the National Court of Honor lists Ithaca's first Eagle Scout - LeRoy Pritchard - who had just earned his Life Scout award. 
      • July 1917 - LeRoy Pritchard is listed again, as he earns his Eagle Scout award. 
      • July 1918 - Scout G. Schuyler Tarbell from Troop 4 in Ithaca had sold more War Savings Stamps than any other Scout in the USA - $10,749 in 1918 dollars! As reported in the May 1921 issue, by the end of the war he held the national record. 
      • September 1925 - Charles Newman, Scoutmaster of Troop 4, Ithaca, contributes the winning design for the Fifteen Year Veteran award. There wasn't any need for a twenty-year award in 1925, as the BSA was only fifteen years old. When there was, Newman's design was used, and continued to be used as thirty-year, forty-year and higher veteran awards were issued. The "Type I Veteran Pin" design continued to be used until 1964. 
      • January 1927 - The Scout World column by James E West publishes a picture of the Stone Council Ring made at Camp Barton by Ithaca Scouts. Does anyone know where this was?
      • October 1927 - Obituary for Louis A. Fuertes, Honorary Scout. Shortly after this, the Scouts of the Ithaca Council petitioned the council to change the name to "Louis Agassiz Fuertes Council" (which it did). 
      • February 1928 - A contribution to the World Brotherhood of Boys (with a picture) by Harold E. Jansen of Ithaca, an "old member". 
      • November 1928 - the Fifth National Scout Executive Training Conference was held at Cornell in September 1928, and there's a picture of Ithaca Scouts and Council Executive Sam Bogan in the report by James E. West. "No account of the Fifth National Training Conference would be complete without mention of the Service Troop of Ithaca Scouts. They were such real fellows that several times the Conference spontaneously expressed their admiration of their service, of their bearing and of their unfailing courtesy." There's an advance notice about the conference in the September 1928 issue
      • April 1929 - with picture of Ithaca Scout who won scholarship.
      • September 1929 - Ithaca Scout G. Malcolm Judson (age 16) wins the "Why I Subscribed to Boys Life" Contest. His winning entry is printed in this issue.
      • April 1931 - A photograph on page 23 of Chief Scout Executive James E. West presenting Achievement Badges to Scouts at the Reconstruction Home in Ithaca, with a brief description of his visit on page 61. Troop 20 at the Reconstruction Home was one of the earliest troops founded for what were then known as "crippled children" - in this case, those recovering from "infantile paralysis" (polio) in the Reconstruction Home. The article reports that the boys had to substitute basketry for the requirement to demonstrate the Scout Pace (fifty steps walking, fifty running). "The fine spirit of the crippled boys is something to be appreciated by all." 
      • April 1932 - Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt presents the Farm Scout Award to two Ithaca Scouts
      • December 1933 - According to The Scout World, Scouts from Cortland and Binghamton were among more than five thousand Scouts attending the annual Pilgrimage to Theodore Roosevelt's grave in Oyster Bay, Long Island. The Pilgrimage was led by National Commissioner Dan Beard. The same issue has a note about a visit by Harold E. Jansen of Ithaca, long-time contributor to Boys Life (see the February 1928 issue, above).
      • October 1935 - The Scout World reports that Ithaca Scouts performed "many fine acts of service" in the flooding which hit the Southern Tier.
      • April 1940 - with picture of Pack and Troop 20 for "handicapped boys" (with polio) sponsored by the Reconstruction Home in Ithaca.
      • November 1940 - Scout World column has several pictures of Sea Scout Ship 25 - SSS Spear from Ithaca - enroute to the New York World's Fair. 
      • May 1942 - with picture of two Ithaca Scouts who won 4H awards
      • September 1953 - Cortland Scout David LeRoy asks for photographic advice in Hobby Hows.
      • October 1954 - Cortland Scout Bob Thurber had a long joke printed in the Think'n'Grin column.
      • March 1957 - Newfield Scout Arthur Johnson got a joke into Think'n'Grin.
      • April 1958 - with article about Air Explorers in Ithaca
      • June 1960 - Ithaca Scout Dan Seeley contribues a joke to Think'n'Grin
      • July 1967 - Ithaca Scout Geoff Gyrisco writes to Pedro to let him know how shocked he was that Boys Life said that wasps and bees "bite", instead of "sting". As the son of a world-famous entomologist, he demanded a retraction.  
      • October 1971 - Ithaca Scout Mark Wimer writes a letter to Pedro... he must have liked the burro's answer, because he's now the Unit Commissioner for Pack 10 and Troop 77! 
      • January 1972 - with note on Louis Aggasiz Fuertes, former Troop 4 Scoutmaster and namesake of the LAF (Ithaca) Council
      • November 1973 - Dryden Scout Martin Carpenter had a joke in Think'n'Grin.
      • March-April 1974 - Worth Retelling letter from Ithaca Scoutmaster Frank Mazurek, who also contributed a letter to Front Line Stuff in December 1978 as a Unit Commissioner. 
      • March 1974 - Cortland Scout Steve Weiss contributes a joke to Think'n'Grin
      • December 1978 - "The Way It Was" - Scouting article by Sam Bogan about his life as the first Scout Executive of the new Ithaca Council. 
      • November 1980 - Ithaca Scout Robert Campbell sent in a joke for Think'n'Grin
      • June 1981 - Cortland Scout Chris Homer contributes a hint to Hobby Hows
      • May 1982 - with article on computers, noting Ithaca Scout who made $500 selling computer games
      • May-June 1985 - "Pioneer Scouters" - Scouting Article discussing early Scouting in Ithaca, among other places. 
      • September 1987 - Pee Wee Harris offers congratulations to Jason Homrighaus of Troop 197 and Zachary Homrighaus of Pack 86, Cortland, NY, for winning a Nintendo by giving the correct answer to the question "What is Pee Wee's given name?" Speaking of names... Homrighaus? Where have we heard that name before? 
      • September 1989 - Worth Retelling letter from Trumansburg Troop 13 Commitee Member Ellen Haith.
      • February 1991 - Dryden Scout Matthew Randall had a joke printed in Think'n'Grin
      • February 1998 - Scouts Brendon West and Bobby West from Lansing contributed jokes to Think'n'Grin.
      • February 2000 - Scouting's 90th birthday article, with notes on early Ithaca Scouts from LeRoy Pritchard
      • September 2000 - Ithaca Scout David Henion sent in a joke for Think'n'Grin
      • October 2000 - Scouting announcement of twelve winners of the Elks' Marvin M. Lewis Scouter Award, including Don Hay of Homer, NY, then District Chair of Tioughnioga District. 
      • November 2000 - with article about mammoth found by PRI in Ithaca
      • September 2001 - an article about Epic Encounters with ancient castles, which quotes Cortland Scout Joe McDermott on his trip to the Scottish International Jamborette at Blair Castle in Scotland. (Joe is now a sergeant in the 2nd Cavalry stationed at Rose Barracks in Germany. An Assistant Scoutmaster in a troop at Fort Bragg while in the 82nd Airborne, he plans to get involved in Scouting in his new Army assignment. I provided the information on Blair Castle which was used in the article, but didn't get any credit - Mike Brown)
  • New York Times Book Review of the Boy Scout Handbook: "A Manual for Life"

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