Rocky Mountain Rendezvous
Camp Barton Cub Scout Resident Camp
August 9-11, 1848 (or 2018)

Our Cub Scouts went on an adventure of exploration in the Old West at the 2018 Cub Scout Resident Camp at Camp Barton. Divided up into four Companies by age, they formed a Corps of Discovery to follow up on the explorations of Lewis and Clark forty four years earlier.

The Cubs practiced their archery and BB shooting skills, learned about the flora and fauna of the West, practiced their bushcraft, swam and made soapstone carvings, and had their pictures taken by a traveling Photographist.

The Barton Explorer, oldest daily newspaper in the West, chronicled the Cubs' adventures and kept them informed of the latest developments on the Frontier. You can read along here: Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Special Color Supplement

The Mess Hall at Barton, best dining in all of Barton Creek, Colorado.

Captain Jedidiah Barton, head of the Corps of Explorers
(a/k/a Mikey Carlson)

Roberto Bandito, one of the less savory residents of Barton Creek

Cubs searched for the fauna of the Barton Creek area (a collection of stuffed animals scattered around the Mess Hall) from the windows of their Conestoga Wagon  (the video from a camera mounted on an R/C tank). If the animal wasn't in the Field Guide, it was a new discovery and was given an appropriate name. 

Archery was a favorite activity

Cubs practiced marksmanship with BB guns


Cubs at Frontenac Falls

"Buddy Check!"

Cubs tried out their climbing skills at the Bouldering Wall.

"Climb on!"

Carving Soapstone at Handicrafts

Searching for discoveries in the soil...

Nature Study

Watching the aquatic animals in Frontenac Creek

A member of the Corps of Discovery needs to know how to use a saw larger than himself. 

Campfire Cooking - always a favorite

Each day ended with a Retreat ceremony as the flag was lowered.

Sunset over Cayuga Lake

The Camp receives its National Accreditation from the Camp Inspection Team

Webelos went for an overnight hike and campout.

Good food is always an important part of any Cub Camp.

Each meal concluded with a song.

Breakfast - everything's better with bacon!

Eating waffles with the morning newspaper.

Corn on the cob - it's what's for dinner

Ice Cream for dessert - don't forget to lick the cover...

Four Generations of Scouting - Norm Wheeler and his great-grandson

There was a campfire on the North Point on Thursday evening

"Little Bunny Foo-Foo" - still bashing the field mice after all these years...

Roberto Bandito leads the Cubs in a traditional family song.

The campfire ended with singing Vespers and Taps

Company A

Company B

Company C

Company D

"A Scout is Reverent" - Camp Chaplain Cory Eckstrom leads a Vespers service at the camp chapel.

Old Time Photos

An itinerant Photographist brought his darkroom wagon to Barton Creek, and the Cubs and leaders took the opportunity to have their portraits taken in front of the magnificent scenery of the American West.

The staff of the 2018 Barton Cub Resident Camp

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