Archery is an important skill for Wizards 

Barton School students and mentors practice levitation.

The Barton Sorting Hat was used to sort the new students into four houses

"This is a tough one to sort..."

Blue Heron House (YAWK!)

Red Tail Hawk House

White Owl House

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker House

Archery is always a hit at Cub Resident Camp

The Campus Store (a/k/a Trading Post) supplied wizarding need - and Slushies

Cubs could climb along the Bouldering Wall

During the camp, Cubs collected clues to determine what spells might work to tame a collection of magical creatures. 

The Cubs each received a textbook on the Magical Creatures of the Northeast, which provided the background to use the clues to find which of the twelve possible spells (Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful... you get the idea) which works on each creature.

Thursday night ended with a campfire

Dean of Students (Program Director) Mike Homrighaus tells the Cubs about the real history of Camp Barton - this is the 90th year the camp has been at Frontenac Point.

Students learned to tie knots at Scoutcraft...

...including a magic spell to tie a string of overhand knots on a line.

The students toured the Barton School grounds, learning about the magic of nature.

Second-year Webelos went on an overnight hike to the Upper Camp area.

Each Student Wizard made his own wand


"A Scout is Reverent" - a Vespers Service was held on Thursday afternoon

"Jump like a Heron!"

At the graduation ceremony, the Students received their yearbooks, wands, patches... and an invitation to the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous - the 2018 Barton Cub Resident Camp to be held next August.

Each day began with a flagraising ceremony and ended with Retreat.

Cubs help fold the American Flag at retreat.

The Color Guard carries the American Flag to the flagpole to raise.


The Rifle Range was converted into a Slingshot Range, where Cubs shot bits of kibble at targets. 


The Students were well fed in the Refectory (Mess Hall), where each meal opened with a sung Grace and included a song. Wizards do like to sing, after all. 

Each day the Barton Students received a copy of The Barton Wizard, the school newspaper, and at the end of the camp a Yearbook was distributed. You can download copies in PDF format here:
Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Yearbook 

The Wizards' Sport is, of course, Quidditch, which is played on broomsticks. 
The Chasers carry the Quaffle and try to get it through a hoop at the opposing team's end of the pitch.

The Beaters try to hit the opposing Chasers with the one of the Bludgers. If they're hit, they have to run to their goal and back. (The Barton School uses a modified, less violent, set of rules from the norm, since the Camp Nurse has run out of Skelegro and is therefore unable to heal broken bones).

The Keeper guards the hoop, trying to keep the Chasers from putting the Quaffle through the hoop. 

There was also a real flying Golden Snitch provided for the last two matches of the school year. Unfortunately, no pictures survive of the Snitch, since its magic precludes photography (and the photographer was too busy flying to use a camera).

The Class of 2017: Students and Faculty of the Barton School of Mystery and Magic

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