"Camp Cretaceous"
2016 Camp Barton
Cub Resident Camp

Cub Scouts and leaders from around the Baden-Powell Council were at Camp Barton on the shores of Cayuga Lake in August, investigating the strange sightings of large prehistoric beasts... or something like that.

Once again, it was time for the unique and slightly odd goings-on at Camp Barton Cub Resident Camp.

Archery is always a favorite at Cub Camp

Crossing the suspension bridge over Frontenac Creek

The Cubs hunted dinosaurs around camp. The dinos were on tags with a picture of the dinosaur and a QR code. Scanning the QR code with a smartphone revealed the dino's name and information about it.

Cubs learned how to use map and compass

Cubs could make their own dinosaur models in Handicrafts, or color dinosaur pictures and affix stickers to them

Dinosaur models were used to make DinoRamas

Nature hike to Frontenac Falls

No boy can resist throwing rocks into water... never.

Flag Break ceremony opened the day

Looking at bones at the Nature Lodge - cow bones, but bones nonetheless.

Nature study for real - one morning the mud puddle in front of the Admin Building contained proof of the existence of real beasts at Camp Barton. Raccoons, actually, but close enough to dinosaurs for government work.

Another couple of Camp Barton's residents -
a grey squirrel and an American Toad

"Ga Ga BALL!"

Just before the ball hit the photographer... the things I do for art...

On the Rifle Range, Cubs tried out BB guns...

... and shot dog food pellets at targets with slingshots

Cubs watched videos on dinosaurs

On the Bouldering Wall, Cubs climbed along the wall to retrieve hula hoops

Barton's waterfront, with Cubs swimming from the new dock.

A mid-air "high five"


Leaders could take Cubs out in rowboats

"A Scout is Reverent" - Rev. Cory Eckstrom leads a Vesper Service

The Campfire is always a high point of any camp.

Dave Gross tells a story

Ruth leads a song

Cubs participated in a flag retirement ceremony

Beautiful Sunset on Cayuga Lake during the campfire

Full Moon over Camp Barton as the Cubs walked back to their campsites

The Staff leads the Cubs in singing Vespers and Taps to close the campfire

The unwritten thirteenth point of the Scout Law:
"A Scout is Hungry"

Mikey Carlson leads the Cubs in doing the
"Camp Cretaceous Boogie"

Program Dens

The Cubs were divided into six dens by age.

Are your Cubs ready for Resident Camp next summer?

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