Camp Barton Cub Resident Camp 2015

The theme for the 2015 Cub Resident Camp was "Space Invaders". The Cubs arrived early Thursday morning at Area 381, a top-secret scientific research laboratory concealed in an innocent-looking Boy Scout Camp somewhere in Central New York. They were photographed for their photo ID badges, and began three days as Agent Trainees in the National Investigations Institute for the Study of Extraterrestrial Phenomena. We can't talk about what they did or saw, because it was all classified Top Secret.
As they were repeatedly reminded, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happened. The following pictures aren't here, and we didn't do anything you see...

Archery is always a hit at Cub Camp.

"Do the Zombie Walk!"

The archery range firing line

Cubs shot BB guns at the rifle range

The Suspension Bridge over Frontenac Creek

Second-year Webelos went for an overnight campout up on the hill

One activity had the Cubs designing and building alien creatures which might live under conditions determined by dice roll.

The aliens showed great variation - this alien has two eyes on each end to watch for flying predators. One eye's big, for night vision, the other's smaller for day vision.

No week at Camp Barton is complete without a hike to Frontenac Falls

Can any boy stand by any body of water without throwing stones into it?

Nature study

Dust rises from a furious game of Ga-Ga Ball

"Tag! You're it!"

Tree identification

Learning basic knots at Scoutcraft

Lashings for beginners...

Firebuilding at the Scoutcraft area

A Trainee Agent needs to be able to sneak up unobserved...

Bouldering Wall

"Everybody in the Lake!"

Wet art on the dock...

Thursday night featured a great campfire program. Staff members led songs and skits, and the Cubs took part in a flag retirement ceremony for a number of tattered flags removed from a local cemetery. The campfire ended with the campers exiting the campfire area between two rows of singing candlelit staff members.

Little Bunny Foo-Foo made an appearance, to the dismay of field mice...

Program Director Mike Homrighaus addresses the Cubs

Staff members recited a poem on the Grand Old Flag...

... and the tattered and torn flags were ceremoniously placed on the fire...

... and due respect was shown.

"A Scout is Hungry" - one of the unwritten points of the Scout Law. And at this camp, no Cub went hungry for long. The food was good and plentiful.

The Camp Newspaper appeared at breakfast each day

Before dinner each day the entire camp turned out at Retreat to lower the flag.

The six Program Dens

Den 1

Den 2

Den 3

Den 4

Den 5

Den 6

What comes next after the alien invasion was defeated?
The discovery of dinosaur bones at Area 381 means that next year it will be...


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