October 3-4, 2009
Cub Adventure Weekend
Camp Barton

Around 200 Cubs, parents and staff spent two days in the Jungle
during the October 2009 Camp Barton Cub Adventure Weekend.

The Javelin Toss - OK, the "Stick Throw", it's the thought that counts.

The Shot Put competition

Archery is always a hit with Cubs

William Tell, watch out.

Making bead necklaces.
I promised not to tell his sister - and I didn't, honest.


Face painting

Playing Conkers.
Don't know what that is? Ask a Brit...

Camping around the field

The ever popular Knot-on-a-Rope Puzzle in front of the Mess Hall

Venturers from our new Crew 90 helped prepare and serve lunch

"Peaches? Of course..."

Ketchup and mustard? Takes a Wild Kid with a snake on his face...

Shooting BB guns on the Rifle Range

The Cubs had a great time on Barton's new Bouldering Wall

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