Spring Cub Adventure Weekend
May 2-3, 2009

The Spring Cub Adventure weekend was held at Camp Barton, on a "Knights in Armor" theme. There were over 300 attendees on a beautiful Spring weekend.
Needless to say, a Good Time was had by all.

A medieval re-enactor showed the Cubs what it was
really like to be a knight in armor, and let them try some on.

Knights in armor need fair maidens, of course.

Never too early to learn the Camp Barton Song

Checkers and Chess - knightly pastimes, forsooth.

Block printing on fabric

Got money? Cubs earned gold(ish) for each activity.

Designing a Coat of Arms

"A Cub is Hungry" - the most essential part of the Law of the Pack

Fabric Painting


Knights must ever be ready for a swordfight...

Practicing the Javelin Throw through a ring...

...which gets smaller each time.

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