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Commissioner Announcements

  • Unit Commissioner Fast Start Training and Commissioner Tools Training is available through  my.scouting.org - you'll find training under Home, My Dashboard, My Training. Courses are in the "Training Center", listed by program. Commissioner Courses are in the "Other" section. 

  • Journey to Excellence Forms will need to be reviewed with unit leaders from time to time during the year.  

  • Unit Calendars - "Failure to plan is planning to fail" - does each of your units have a schedule covering, at the least, the next three to four months? If not, they should - better yet, every unit should have an annual calendar in place at the start of the Scout year in August or September covering at least their monthly outing or major activity through the end of the Scout year the following July. For each month, a detail plan for meetings should be in place: 

    • Cub Packs may rely on the National Monthly Theme system for monthly den and pack meetings - all Packs should be following the Cub Program Delivery plan. 

    • Scout Troops should have their Patrol Leaders plan meetings on at least a quarterly basis - semi-annual or annual would be even better. 

    • Venture Crews should have a schedule calling for crew meetings on at least a monthly basis, and for a major activity on a monthly or quarterly schedule. 

Information For Commissioners

  • Monthly Commissioner Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month as a breakout at the District Leaders' Roundtable - 7:30 - Dryden Presbyterian Church

    The monthly roundtable is the principal training and communications program for the District. It is important that all Commissioners make an effort to attend the monthly meetings - not only will we be covering unit status reports and providing information for you to bring to your units, but this is also a great opportunity to touch base with your unit leaders (and perhaps to encourage them to attend, if they don't normally do so!).  Note: there are no roundtables in July or August, and the June roundtable is usually a picnic.  

    Dryden Presbyterian Church is the brick church on Main Street, one church north of the intersection of Route 38 South and Route 13.

  • Each unit commissioner should visit each unit every month! This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to attend a unit meeting every month, but you should at the very least contact the unit leader or Committee Chair or make a point to chat with someone from the unit at Roundtable. Attending a Unit Committee meeting counts as a "visit", as does dropping in on a unit activity. 

  • Please log all of your unit contacts on the Commissioner Tools system: To access the Commissioner Tools, sign in to My.Scouting.org and click on "Commissioner Tools" in the pull-down menu on the upper-left corner of the page. You should plan to enter at least one contact with each of your assigned units each month, plus at least one Detailed Assessment for each unit each year. If you're having trouble with the Tools contact Mike Brown or Don Perkins 

  • Useful Links for Commissioners:

  • Useful Facebook Groups and Pages:

The "Commissioner Corps"

District Commissioner (DC): Mike Brown - 844-8584 (home) / 256-2000 (work) DC@TompkinsCortlandScouts.org
Assistant DC (Eastern Tompkins Co.): Ben Brown blb3@cornell.edu
Assistant DC (Western Tompkins Co.): Tom Szebenyi t.szebenyi@computer.org
Assistant DC and Assistant CC (emergency help):
Clay Converse converseclay@gmail.com 

Roundtable Commissioners - roundtable@TompkinsCortlandScouts.org
Scout Roundtable Commissioner
: Mike Stoll 753-9277 - mfstoll@clearwire.net
Cub Roundtable Commissioner: Cathy Homrighaus 756-2650 chomrigh@twcny.rr.com 

Council Commissioner (CC): Don Perkins donperkins1@yahoo.com 

Unit Commissioners

 Cub Packs Scout Troops Venture Crews / Explorer Posts
Pack 1 Cathleen Homrighaus
Pack 3 Bill Wright
Pack 4 Ray Price
Pack 10 Lynn Green
Pack 24 Kathlene Gross
Pack 34 Tom Szebenyi
Pack 46 David Gross
Pack 48
Lynn Green
Pack 52 Mike Homrighaus
Pack 55 Frank VanSickle
Pack 67 Ben Brown
Pack 80 Cory Eckstrom
Pack 85 Joe McDermott
Pack 90 Nelson Jeffrey
Pack 91 Helen Schultz
Troop 2 Ray Price
Troop 4 Richard Vaughan
Troop 13 Bill Wright
Troop 24 David Gross
Troop 34 Tom Szebenyi
Troop 46 David Gross
Troop 48 Richard Vaughan
Troop 55 Frank VanSickle
Troop 67 Ben Brown
Troop 77 
Lynn Green
Troop 85 Joe McDermott
Troop 90 Nelson Jeffrey
Troop 91 Leroy Schultz
Ship 25 Kathlene Gross
Crew 4562 Ben Brown

Post 24 Dave Gross
Post 62 Clay Converse
Post 392 Ben Brown*

* acting, pending appointment 
of a permanent unit commissioner. 

Do you know someone who would
be great for the job? Contact Mike Brown
at DC@TompkinsCortlandScouts.org

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