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Mark your calendars! As the dates approach for District events, watch this page for more details. 

When details are available, a hyperlink will be added to the entry for the event on this calendar. 

Events tagged with an asterisk * are Council or National events - see the Council Web Page or National Website

Monthly Events | 2023-24 Scout Year  | 2024-25 Scout Year (through Dec 2024)

Download a printable 2023-24 Calendar (PDF Format)

"A Scout is Reverent" - when you're planning your unit calendar, please keep religious holidays in mind for all of your members!
BSA has calendars with religious dates for  2023 2024 2025 2026

BSA has a Downloadable PDF 2023-24 Planning Calendar - includes all the major Scouting milestones and also religious holidays and so on. A great resource to add your unit's events onto - you can type right into the days on the calendar. 

Monthly Recurring Events


First Wednesday of each month: District Committee Meeting at 7:00PM - during the Covid-19 Social Distancing time they will be held as virtual meetings via Zoom. Details will be sent out to committee members before the meeting. If you are not on the committee, but would like to attend the virtual meeting, contact key3@TCScouts.org  (No DC meeting in August)  

Second Wednesday of each month: District Leaders' Roundtable and Commissioners Meeting at 7:00PM. In-person Roundtable will be held at Tompkins-Cortland Community College (TC3) in Dryden and those who cannot attend in person, or are uncomfortable doing so, can attend virtually using Zoom.com. We will have breakout rooms for Cubs, Scouts and Commissioners. Details for the Zoom link will be sent out to unit leaders and commissioners and through Taughannock Announce e-mail list before the meeting. If you do not receive notification and want to attend Roundtable, contact Roundtable@TCScouts.org for the sign-in information.  (no roundtable in July, August Roundtable is kickoff) 

The monthly roundtable is the principal training and communications program for the District. All units in the District should have at least one representative attend each roundtable. Preferably, this is the unit leader and/or assistant(s), but Committee Members and parents are also encouraged to attend. Troop Senior Patrol Leaders and Venturing Crew Presidents are also welcome. The Roundtable will start with a general meeting for all positions, then there will be separate breakouts for Cub packs, Scout troops, (hopefully) Venture/Explorer crews/posts, and Commissioners.  District Committee members and Chairs of District program committees are also encouraged to attend Roundtables.

Third  Tuesday of each month: District Commissioner's Cabinet - Zoom conference call at 7:30PM - all Commissioners are requested to attend. The link will be sent out each month before the meeting, but it's the same as we use for the Roundtable in case you didn't get it. Anyone interested in being a Commissioner or who would like to attend, send an e-mail to DC@TCScouts.org  (no Commissioner's Cabinet in July or August) 

Third Thursday of each month: Council Commissioner's Cabinet - Zoom meeting for Council Commissioner, ACC's, District Commissioners and ADC's. Other Commissioners are welcome - contact DC@TCScouts.org for the link. 

District Advancement Committee Meeting: Fourth Thursday in Sep, Oct, Jan-Apr and Jun; third Thursday in Nov, Dec, May;   - 7:00PM. Contact advancement@tcscouts.org for details.  

The monthly District Advancement Committee meetings will be a "one stop shopping" place for prospective Eagle Scouts to get their projects reviewed and approved, meet with mentors, and have their Eagle Board of Review. The Advancement Committee is also charged with encouraging and coordinating advancement at all program levels (Cub, Scout and Venturing). Each unit is requested to send a representative to the District Advancement Committee - for more information, contact advancement@TompkinsCortlandScouts.org 

For locations of District meetings and activities Click here for the Taughannock District Map 

Color code: Blue for Cubs - Red for Scouts BSA - Green for Venturers - Black for all members 

Purple for Adult Leaders - Grey for canceled events - Orange for Community Events and Holidays

* marks Council Activity - (Underlined text is a hyperlink - ignore the color, just click on it!)

2023-2024 Scouting Year

For planning purposes - these dates should be considered subject to change as B-P Council calendar is developed

November 2023

  • November 7 Tues - Cub Leader Training - Part 1 - Ithaca Area - TC3*
  • November 9 Thu - Adult Pinewood Derby at Homer Hops *
  • November 11-12 Sat-Sun Scout-O Orienteering Event* (CNY Orienteering event) - website link
  • November 11 Sat - Scouts BSA Position-Specific Troop Leader Training - Council Office*
  • November 18 Sat - Introduction to Leadership Skills (Troops and Crews/Ships)
  • Nov 24 Fri - Ten Commandments Hike*
  • November 28 Tues - Cub Leader Training - Part 2 - Ithaca Area - TC3*

December 2023

Recharters are due from all units!

  • December 2 Sat - Merit Badge Follow-up Day - to complete badges from Summer Camp/Badges at Barton

January 2024

  • January 13 Sat - District Planning Day - TC3 
  • January 27 Sat - Winter Camporee - "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
  • January 26-28 Fri-Sun - Okpik Cold Weather Camping Training*

February 2024

  • February 8 Thu (Sundown)-9 Fri (Sundown) - Scout Jumu'ah (Muslim)
  • February 9 Fri (Sundown)-10 Sat (Sundown) - Scout Sabbath (Jewish)
  • February 11 Sun - Scout Sunday
  • February 14 - Life to Eagle training at Roundtable
  • February 16-19 Wed-Sat - Winter Camp at Tuscarora*
  • February 24-25 Okpik/Attavik - Advanced Cold Weather Camping Training*

March 2024

  • March 9 Sat - District Pinewood Derby
  • March 16 Sat - University of Scouting - TC3*

April 2024

  • April 10 Wed - Life to Eagle at Roundtable
  • April 12-14 - Wilderness First Aid Training - Ithaca Area*
  • April 19 Fri - District Recognition Dinner
  • April 20-21 Sat-Sun - IOLS/BALOO at Tuscarora*
  • April 20 Sat - Fill in the Ranks - Cub Event*
  • April 21 Sun - Day of Reflection - Cortland*

May 2024

  • May 3-5 Fri-Sun - Woodbadge - First weekend session - Camp Tuscarora*
  • May 4-5 Sat-Sun - Cub Adventure Weekend at Barton*
  • May 17-18 Fri-Sun - OA weekend at Barton*
  • May 17-19 Fri-Sun - Cub Adventure Weekend at Tuscarora* 

June 2024

  • June 1-2 Sat-Sun -  Woodbadge - Second weekend session - Camp Tuscarora*
  • June 12 Wed - Program Planning Information Distribution (Roundtable night)
  • June 15 Sat? - Beaver Day at Barton*
  • June 22 Sat - Fishing Derby at Tuscarora*
  • June 27 Thu - Council Program Kickoff
  • June 29-July 3 Fri-Wed - Cub Resident Camp at Tuscarora*

2024-2025 Scouting Year

July-August 2024

No Roundtable
Cub Scout Day Camp dates to be announced by council

  • July 7-13 - Tuscarora Scouts BSA Summer Camp - Week 1*
  • July 14-20 - Tuscarora Scouts BSA Summer Camp - Week 2*
  • July 21-27 - Tuscarora Scouts BSA Summer Camp - Week 3*
  • July 26-28 Fri-Sun - Badges at Barton - Session 1*
  • July 28-Aug 3 - Tuscarora Scouts BSA Summer Camp - Week 1*
  • Late July/August (date pending participants/leaders availability) - District High Adventure Trip
  • August 2-4 Fri-Sun - Badges at Barton - Session 2*
  • August 9-11 Fri-Sun - Badges at Barton - Session 3*
  • August 16-18 Fri-Sun Cub Adventure Weekend at Camp Barton*
  • August 21 Wed - District Kickoff Roundtable of the new Scouting Year! (picnic)
  • August 23-25 Fri-Sun - Badges at Barton - Session 4*

September 2024

No regular roundtable this month - get your unit program started!

  • September 8 Sun - Commissioner Kickoff and picnic
  • September 20-22 - Fri-Sun - OA Weekend*

October 2024

  • October 2-4 Wed-Fri (sundown) - Rosh Hashanah
  • October 5-6 Sat-Sun - Boo at Barton - Cub Adventure Weekend at Barton*
  • October 9 Wed - Life to Eagle Training at Roundtable
  • October 11-12 Fri-sat (sundown) - Yom Kippur
  • October 18-20 Fri-Sun - Wilderness First Aid Training - Council Office Area*
  • October 19-20 Sat-Sun - Cub Adventure Weekend at Tuscarora*
  • October 19-20 Sat-Sun - Fall Camporee - International Theme (Barton)
  • October 19-20 Sat Sun - Jamboree on the Air (International ham radio/Scouting event)*
  • October 19 Sat - Cub Leader Position-Specific Training in district
  • October 19 Sat - Camp Barton Paul Bunyan Day* ?
  • October ?? - IOLS/BALOO Training*

November 2024

  • November 2-3(?) Sat-Sun Scout-O Orienteering Event* (CNY Orienteering event)
  • November 16 Sat - Introduction to Leadership Skills (Troops and Crews/Ships)
  • Nov 29 Fri - Ten Commandments Hike*

December 2024

  • December - Recharters are due!


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