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All publicity for Taughannock District activities should include a “rating label” indicating for which program(s) the activity is age-appropriate. For more information, and downloadable graphics for use in publicity, see our Scout Activity Ratings page.

Cross-Program Activities

Feed My Starving Children
St. Catherine of Siena Parish Center, Ithaca
September 26-29, 2019 (specific date to be determined)

In 2009 an adoptive mom from Ithaca, with a heart to repay those who had fed her Haitian children before she adopted them, suggested that people here could make a life-saving difference for children across the world. That initial suggestion has moved children and churches, synagogues and students, business and Boy Scouts, fraternities and families, and individual benevolent hearted Ithacans to devote 2 hours of their time, and/or some of their money to feed 3657 children for a year. 

In 7 years 8,722 Ithacan volunteers have packed 1,954,347meals. They have packed and palleted thousands of scoops of vitamins, veggies, soy, and rice into healthy 6-meal packets to be shared with children in Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico,Liberia and other countries. 

We coined the phrase “Ithaca Is Generous” and have helped our community live up to that noble description! Where do wefit in? Taughannock District would like to work together to fill one whole packing session (120 people) during the 2019 mobilepack. To do so, we need to book the slot and would like to know when you would be willing to bring your unit and their families. 

Please email CAPS@TCScouts.org to let us know if you would prefer Thursday late afternoon (maybe 4-6 as 6-8 may be too late for Cubs) or Saturday during the day and an approximate (definitely best guess!) number of attendees. We will share the booked slot as soon as possible and then units will need to register their attendees individually. Many units already attend, but we hope we can go together for extra fun!!

Download a flyer (PDF)

Greek Peak Scout Day
September 28, 2019

The adventure center at Greek Peak will be offering Scouts BSA troops, crews, ships, posts a choice of 2 -zip lines, mountain coaster and bungee bounce for $49 pp. The Cub offering is still in the planning stage.

Download a Teaser Flyer (PDF)

Ten Commandments Hike
Downtown Ithaca
November 29, 2019

"A Scout is Reverent" - join us for our first-ever Ten Commandments Hike to the houses of worship in downtown Ithaca!

Download a Teaser Flyer (PDF)

Greek Peak Scout Day
February 22, 2020

Greek Peak Mountain Resort will be offering ski/snowboard equipment, lessons and use of the trails all day, as well as snow tubing and the indoor water park All for $39 !! AND the opportunity to celebrate Baden Powell’s birthday with all the other Scouting families in the A-frame building around lunch-time. More details coming in the Fall….

Download a Teaser Flyer (PDF)

Cub Scout Activities

See the Camping Page for Cub Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp and Cub Adventure Weekends (including "Boo at Barton")

District Pinewood Derby
March 7, 2020

Save the date for our District's annual Pinewood Derby!

Download a Teaser Flyer (PDF)

Pinewood Derby Rules

The Taughannock District has established the following rules for District-level Pinewood Derbies. Packs should consider adopting the same rules, so that Cubs can be confident that their cars will be able to compete equally at the Pack and District levels.

  • Rules - in MS Word format (updated Jan 2018)

  • Rules - in PDF Format (updated Jan 2018)

  • Diagram for car wheels and axles

Cub Weekends, Day Camps and Resident Camp

For information on Cub Day Camps, Cub Resident Camp and Cub Adventure Weekends - see the Camping page and Council Cub Camping Page for information

Scouts BSA Activities

"A Scout is Hungry" - Winter Cook-o-ree
January 25-26, 2020

Download a Teaser Flyer (PDF)

Watch this space for details as the time approaches!

The Blue and Grey Civil War Camporee
April 24-26, 2020

At the November 2018 roundtable, the district's Scout leaders voted to change the timing for District Camporees to the Spring. They also decided that the next District Camporee would be a return of the popular Blue and Grey Civil War Camporee. This Camporee has been held in this Council four times before - in 1993, 1997, 2007 and 2014 - and it was a hit with the Scouts each time. 

Each participating troop will be assigned the identity of a real Civil War Regiment (information on the regiment will be provided when the troop signs up), and each patrol will represent a company in that regiment. At each Camporee station, a Union company will compete head-to-head with a Confederate company - the winner will capture a company flag from the loser. Additional flags will be awarded to companies for attending noncompetitive stations and for scores in a quiz and mass game. The winning company will be the one with the most captured flags at the end of the day. 

A flyer with a reservation coupon was handed out at the June Roundtable, 
and can be downloaded here (PDF)

Because of the nature of the Camporee, where we have to plan for a specific number of stations based on the number of patrols participating, pre-registration will be required for this event. We'd appreciate if units could return the coupons from the initial flyer as soon as possible, and reservations with deposits will be required no later than the January Roundtable, with final counts and payment before the March Roundtable. .

A flyer with complete details on the Camporee will be provided at the October roundtable.  

Venturing / Exploring Activities

There are no planned District Venturing / Exploring Activities at this time.

National and International Opportunities

International Events Coming up

For the most up-to-date information on Scouting events around the world, see the WOSM Events Page



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