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Advancement See:

BSA National Guide to Advancement - link to National Site
US Scouting Service Project Adancement Page

Bike Touring and the Cycling MB See Hiking on Two Wheels
Building an Effective Troop Committee: Should the Committee micro-manage or adopt a hands-off attitude? How do you support the Unit's activities and facilitate program execution while maintaining a friendly relationship with the Troop? Come and learn how knowledge and commitment on both sides breed success.  
Conducting Boards of Review - The Board of Review is the final step in Rank advancement, but it's also important preparation for the "real world" and a quality check on your Unit's health. Learn how to make your Unit's boards more than a check off item on the advancement report. 2010 PowerPoint Presentation

BSA National Guide to Advancement - link to National Site

"What is a Board of Review" from Ask Andy - PDF
Rank Advancement Q & A from - PDF
Questions to Ask at Boards of Review - PDF
Guide to Conducting Boards of Review - 1995 - PDF
Baden-Powell Council Board of Review Training - PDF

Scout to First Class Advancement Checklist - Excel Spreadsheet

Questions for Boards of Review - PDF
Board of Review Training module from BSBLT - PDF

Courts of Honor with Style - How we recognize an achievement says a lot about how we value that achievement. Providing dignified and meaningful Courts of Honor where our Scouts are recognized for what they have accomplished and encouraged to attain higher goals will help your Unit to increase Advancement, Retention, and Parental Involvement. Come and learn how to build simple programs that involve all the members of your Unit in recognizing and celebrating advancement.  
Eagle Leadership Service Projects See "Life-to-Eagle and Eagle Leadership Service Projects"
Engineering Projects Can Add Interest To Your Troop Meetings - Engineering is the creative use of technology to solve problems. Learn how to have fun while solving problems and building things and learning. Keep your Scouts interested and challenged with a bagful of odds & ends! 2013 PowerPoint Presentation

Write-ups of Engineering Projects to use for your troop, mostly in Word format so you can customize them to fit your requirements and resources:

Structural Projects:

Floating Projects: 

Dynamic Projects:

Thought Projects:

Scout Science Games - from the UK Scout Association - MSW

First Class Scout Emphasis - Getting a new Boy Scout to First Class should be the primary emphasis of his initial Scouting Experience, but how do we do this in a way that makes achieving requirements fun and which keeps the trail to First Class from seeming like so much homework? 2012 PowerPoint Presentation

New Scout Patrol poster - PDF

See Boy Scout Resources page for complete advancement requirements

Games See:
Gourmet Cookouts - Encourage your Scouts to try a more elaborate outdoor cooking experience.  Gourmet Cookouts - PDF

Gourmet Cookout Recipes - PDF

Cooking on Embers
Foil Cooking
Foil Cooking - PDF
Philmont Country Cookbook - PDF
Troop 886 Cooking Hints - PDF

Hiking on Two Wheels -- Bike Touring: Learn how to plan and lead bike tours as a fun and challenging twist on hiking or as requirements for the cycling merit badge. Get some ideas on great places to go riding and bring home a checklist which you can use for inspecting your unit's bicycles prior to a ride. PowerPoint Presentation from 2014
Just for New Scoutmasters See Tips for new Scoutmasters
Keeping Older Scouts Interested - We all know them - those Scouts who reach a rank and seem to stall for lack of interest. Come and learn how Venture patrols, High-Adventure Activities, and other special activities can add interest to your programs add an incentive for younger Scouts to stick around and advance. 2013 Handout - PDF

Activities for Older Scouts - PDF

Opportunities and Programs for Older Scouts PDF

Programs for Older Scouts Handout - PDF

Life- to- Eagle and Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project - How do you move a boy from Life to Eagle? Come and learn how to mentor and inspire youth through the process of completing their requirements and developing their leadership service project. Life to Eagle - 2012 PowerPoint 

Eagle Coach Policy & Position Description - PDF
Baden-Powell Council Eagle Project Policy - PDF

Speakers notes on Eagle Projects PDF

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Planning Guide - from Randall Smith, Troop 389, Arlington TX

Sample letter asking for recommendations PDF MSW

1996 B-P Council Eagle Project Booklet PDF

Eagle Court of Honor Handbook PDF

Live PLC Meeting - Youth-Led is the Goal, but how do you put it in practice? Come watch and learn how adults and youth work together to make youth leadership and planning a reality in our live PLC.  
Making Boy Scout Summer Camp Camp Great - How to complete the paperwork, prepare the Scouts, conduct a family information meeting and more to make summer camp great.

Administrative Camping Guide 2015 - PDF

Summer Camp Permission Slips for B-P Council Camps - PDF
Distinguished Unit Criteria for B-P Council Camps - PDF
Scouting's Camping Program chart - PDF

Making Your Own Troop Gear  See Do It Yourself Backpacking Gear
Meet the Order of the Arrow - The OA is an honor society dedicated to Cheerful Service. Come and learn what the OA is all about and how the active OA members in your Unit can add a new dimension to your Unit's Scouting 2006 PowerPoint Presentation

OA Lodge Handout 2006 PDF
Troop Representative sign up form PDF
The Order of the Arrow and Your Troop (BSBLT module) - PDF

Menu Planning for All Occasions - This course will identify various cooking scenarios, cost objectives, proper planning of food quantities, and packaging to protect from animals. Cooking scenarios will include backpacking, patrol cooking, trail lunches, fast troop meals for the road, camporee cooking, and banquet meals. Finally, learn how these scenarios will affect choice of cooking equipment, menus, and method of food storage
2011 Power Point Presentation
2014 Power Point Presentation - PPTX

Cooking Merit Badge Menu Planning - PPTX

Meal Planning for All Occasions - MSW
Dehydrated Foods - MSW

Calorie Count Chart - XLSX

Additional notes and recipes - PDF 

Model Scouts' Own - All Units are encouraged to say Grace at mealtime and to provide occasional Scouts' Own Services as part of their program, but Religion and Prayer are very personal subjects. If "A Scout is Reverent", how do we provide a meaningful and respectful environment when we conduct a Scouts' Own for our Unit? Come and learn about the basic structure of a Scouts' Own and how to conduct one in a manner which respects the various religious traditions you may encounter. Interfaith Worship 
Religious Suggestions

Scouts' Own
Meditations for the Trail
Baden-Powell on Scouts' Own services
Scouts' Own Service booklet
- PDF (Print two-sided and fold)

Also see Bringing Duty to God to Your Unit

Model Youth-Led Unit Meeting - Come and observe how a Unit Meeting can be run in a manner that encourages Youth Leadership and Participation while still involving Adult Leaders and Advisors in an appropriate and constructive manner. Learn tried and proven techniques that will make your Unit Meetings different and exciting for all involved.  
The New Cooking Merit Badge - Cooking is a life skill that frees a Scout from fast-foods, "instant" dinners, and Raman Noodles. Plus, the Cooking Merit Badge is now a required Merit Badge for Eagle AND the requirements have changed. Come and find out what has changed and how to help a Scout earn this Merit Badge so that the lessons stick and your scouts know how to prepare nutritious meals that are fun to prepare and tasty and enjoyable to eat. See 
New Scoutmasters See "Just for New Scoutmasters"
Nova/Supernova/STEM for Scouts and Venturers - BSA's NOVA Awards program incorporates learning with cool activities and exposure to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for Boy Scouts and Venturers. Learn all about this program. Link to National Website STEM page
Pioneering - This hands-on workshop will show you how to build simple structures and learn how to build more complicated ones, such as monkey bridges, water tripods, etc. 2010 PowerPoint Presentation

Hurricane District Pioneering book (PDF)

Plan for Success! - Explore your options for building an exciting and challenging year of activities by incorporating local and council resources in your annual plan. 2012 Presentation Outline in PDF Form

Boys' Life Annual Program Planning - PDF
Troop Annual Program Planning - PDF

Troop 162 - Activities and Fundraisers - PDF
Troop 80 List of Activities 1983-2004

Programs for Older Scouts - Got 15 & 17 year-olds in the troop who are bored with doing the same stuff again this year? What do you do to keep them interested? Leadership, Venture Patrol, Order of the Arrow, camp staff, special programs, teaching. See Keeping Older Scouts Interested
Pump Up Your Unit Program  See Plan for Success
Realistic First Aid - Axe wounds, blood, gore - it's all here and it's all in fun. Learn how you can pep up first aid training with realistic wounds and bloody wounds! Power Point Presentation

Moulage Notes - PDF

Safe Scouting on the Net: Social Media and the net are great tools for communications and recruiting, but as with knives and axes someone can get hurt if you don't know the rules and techniques for safe Cyber Scouting. Learn about NetSmartz, the Webmaster, and the BSA Cyber Chip award and how to keep your youth safe while protecting their privacy. Course Notes - PDF
Syllabus - MSW

2014 Presentation - PowerPoint PPSX PDF

Scoutbook  - an introduction to BSA's new software package for packs and troops 2018 Presentation - PDF
Scoutbook Basics - PDF
Scout Knots - Learn how to tie and how to use the basic knots for Webelos through Boy Scout requirements 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
2009 PowerPoint Presentation

Knot Wall Chart and Knot Handout (PDF)
 - from 33d Gleniffer Scouts UKSA

Internet Links: 

Animated Knots by Grog - includes a page of Scouting Knots.
Knots on the Web
International Guild of Knot Tyers - British Site
International Guild of Knot Tyers - North American 
Folsom's Knot Page - with animations of Scout knots
Roper's Knot Page  - very good resource, many knots - grouped by fishing, outdoor, boating 
Scouting the Web Knots links page

Scout Magic - Magic tricks are fun and a great way to weave lessons into activities and to develop confidence and dexterity. Come and learn a few simple tricks and the techniques you need to dress them up into something special. 2009 Handout
Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Position Specific Training See National Training Programs
Scoutmaster Conferences - BSA Quality Assurance - Your Scoutmaster Conferences are an important tool for assessing the progress of Scouts, as well as well as determining how your unit is doing. They are also an opportunity to prepare your Scouts for school and career interactions. Come and learn how to make your conferences productive. Scoutmaster Conference Questions - PDF

The Scoutmaster Conference - Scouting Magazine Oct. 2008 - PDF
The Aims and Methods of Boy Scouting - PDF

Strengthen your unit using Venturing and Sea Scouting! The Venturing and Sea Scouting programs offer a wealth of opportunities for older youth interested in High Adventure. But did you know that they can benefit your Pack or Troop? A significant part of Venturing and Sea Scout advancement is for the youth to carry their knowledge to others. Find out how Troops and Packs can benefit from Crews and Ships. Course Handout - PDF
Super Duper Survival Scouting: Would you like to offer your Scouts fun packed survival programs loaded with realism and life-saving hands-on skills? This course will show you how to set up outstanding survival classes and campouts using the program ideas from the Wilderness Survival merit badge, the National Association of Search & Rescue, the Hug-A-Tree program, the US military and several other state outdoor safety programs.  
Take Your Unit on a Touring Trip - A touring trip can be the highlight of your unit's year, but there's a lot to think about before you head off on that week on the road! Thing BIG - how about a trip to Europe for your Venturing crew or a special event? Learn how to plan touring trips, locally or across the globe. PowerPoint Presentation

Letter to Scouts about a Spring Trip - PDF
Permission Form - PDF

Troop 80's Spring Trip Itineraries: (all PDF)
1996 - New England
1997 - Maryland

2000 - Ohio
2003 - New England

Blair Atholl Scottish Jamborette Trip: (All PDF)
2002 Itinerary - 2004 Itinerary - 2006 Itinerary 
2008 Itinerary
- 2010 Itinerary - 2012 Itinerary - 2014 Itinerary
Letter to Scouts - "Random Thoughts" on the trip  websites for all Blair Atholl trips
Traveling Overseas With Scouts and Venturers

Internet links: 

BSA Council Locator
Where to Stay in Europe
ScoutBase UK - campsite directory in UK

Tabletop Pioneering - This hands-on workshop will show you how to build simple structures using dowels or pencils and string on a tabletop. As time allows, we'll go further and try monkey bridges, water tripods, and more complicated things. Practice on a table, so in the wilds you're able! Scale model pioneering projects for troop meetings - PDF
Tips for New Scoutmasters - For New Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters, this session goes beyond Basic Training. This session gives you some hints to being a Scoutmaster taught by an experienced Scoutmaster. 2018 Presentation - PowerPoint or PDF (Jery Stedinger)

2009 PowerPoint Presentation (Jery Stedinger)

Trek Safely - This course is required for at least one adult accompanying any Unit planning an activity off an established Scouting property. 2015 PowerPoint Presentation - PPSX
Youth Leaders Roundtable: Scouting is Youth Led, but sometimes well-meaning or inexperienced adults get in the way and sometimes your fellow Scouts forget their responsibilities. Come and spend some time with experienced youth leaders in an informal give-and-take "bull session" where you can talk about the issues and problems YOU face.  
Youth Led, Success is Fed! - How do you make Youth Leadership the foundation of your Unit Program and develop a culture of Boy Leadership? This course will show you how the Patrol Method will lead your Troop to flourish and help your Crew to forge its own identity.  

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