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Alternative Games - Every unit can use some teambuilding ideas! Ice-breakers, gathering activities, games… This course will present different ways of building and encouraging your unit’s youth leadership and add that extra spark to your Troop, Pack, or Den meeting Sample Games - PDF

There are lots of other games resources throughout this CDROM!

Awards and Recognition for Leaders - Learn what awards are available, how to earn them, who does the paper work and much, much more. A great way to retain and motivate your unit leadership. 2010 PowerPoint Presentation

Internet Links:
US Scouting Service Project page on Square Knots with requirements
Boy Scout Trail page on Square Knots with requirements

Basics of Fundraising See Making Your Unit Financially Healthy
Beginning E.D.G.E. - How do you organize a class when teaching a skill? How do you keep on track and avoid confusion? Would you like to help improve the quality of teaching in your Troop, Crew, or Pack? "The Beginning EDGE" offers you clear direction and a concrete method that you can apply to teaching or helping to teach skills. You will learn about the EDGE methodology and see it applied in practice. Basic EDGE - PDF

Basic EDGE notes - PDF

Bird Watching - Learn the basics of bird watching, how to build cool birdhouses and feeders. Learn to formulate tasty bird treats.

Ducks at a Distance - a guide from USGS

Internet links: 

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology (Sapsucker Woods) and their "All About Birds" guide

Cornell also offers an app for smartphones called "Merlin" which is very useful. You can enter characteristics of the bird you see (or even a photo) and it will offer possible identifications. The All About Birds website has a page which links to the Apple and Android app stores to obtain the app. 

Identification of American Birds - from USGS - how to identify birds, including songs - identification page
Visual Key to lead you through identifying birds
Bird Songs of New York State Birds (SUNY)
Beginners' Guide to Birdwatching (Homeadvisor)
Complete Guide to Bird Watching (UK link)
How to Get Started With Birding – An Introductory Guide (UK Link)
Spotter's Guide to Birds (National Trust for Scotland)
Build Your Own Birdhouse for your new feathered friends (

Bringing Duty to God to Your Unit- Is your unit celebrating Scout Sunday? How do you show "a Scout is Reverent"? Do you say grace with meal? Does your unit use Chaplain Aides? This course will help get you headed in the right direction. A Scout is Reverent 

BSA Religious Awards

Link to Program of Religious Activities for Youth 

The Roles of the Chaplain and Chaplains' Aide
Manual for Chaplains and Chaplain's Aides

Campfire Harmonica - The flames are burning low and conversation is falling off. What could complete the evening better than the call of the harmonica? Learn the basics of the instrument and how even you can play a few simple tunes and encourage the fellowship of the campfire! Course Book - PDF
Campfires - Light up your outdoor activities and events with the spark of great campfires! This session gives you everything from songs to s'mores. Campfire Ideas Websites - pdf
Campfire Planner - PDF
Campfire Magic - PDF
Campfire Program - PDF
Campfire Program Extras - PDF
Fire Lays - PDF
Grey Areas - PDF
Walk-Ons - PDF

Internet Links:

See the General page for: Campfire materials and Songbooks

See Bringing Duty to God to Your Unit for Scouts' Own materials

Conflict Resolution / Dealing with Disruptive Scouts and Behaviors: Anytime a group gets together there is a potential for conflict, and the natural desire to “win” means that someone must “lose”. When suggestions and desires clash, conflict arises. Unchecked it can derail planned activities and fracture Unit cohesion. This course will provide you with tools to “read the ituation” and recognize a developing conflict situation. It will also offer positive suggestions for preventing conflict from escalating or defusing a situation that is getting out of control. 2020 Slide Deck - PDF
Crafts Galore - Learn how to use simple crafts and inexpensive supplies to lead your Cubs to imagine, create, develop manual dexterity and hone fine motor skills, and to have fun. How to Make a Paper Cup - PDF
Neckerchief Slide from Craft Foam - PDF
Putting Crafts into Your Cub Program - PDF
Tat's Turning Trash into Treasure - PDF

Dreamcatchers - PDF

Useful Internet Links handout - PDF

Internet Links: 

CyberChip and online safety The latest BSA advancement requirements include some form of "Earning the Cyber Chip" for all programs, but what is the Cyber Chip and how does a youth earn it? This course will help you to sort out the requirements so that you can help your youth and their parents to access the NetSmartz Website and complete their Cyber Chip requirements. 2019 Presentation - PDF

2017 Troop-Level Material for BSA Cybership - MSW

National Website Cyber Chip page
US Scouting Service Project page
on Cyber Chip

2014 "Safety on the Internet" Course
  Course Notes
  Syllabus - MSW
  Presentation - PowerPoint PPSX PDF

Dutch Oven Cooking - Practical hands -on experience in preparing and cooking a variety of Dutch oven meals, desserts, and other fun foods. Dutch Oven Cookbook - PDF

International Dutch Oven Society (web link)
Effective Unit Communications   See "Get the Word Out!"
Effective PowerPoint Presentations - Learn the ins and outs of PowerPoint. How to create an effective and entertaining presentation, and keys to presenting. PowerPoint Presentation 

BSA National Branded PowerPoint Templates: To use, open template from CDROM and save to your computer in PowerPoint. 

Electronics in the Outdoors - More and more often we find electronic devices accompanying us on the trail. How do you keep them safe, dry, and fed? When are they useful, what are their limits? 2020 PowerPoint presentation

Introduction to Electrical Principles - PDF
Introduction to Electronics

Excerpt from 1911 BSA Handbook on Wireless Telegraphy - PDF
Crystal Radio project from Aug. 2002 Boys Life - Page 1 Page 2 - PDF

Link to American Radio Relay League - web page for Scouts
Link to K2BSA Website (Ham Radio at the National Jamboree and Jamboree on the Air)

Flag Etiquette - The proper display of our National Flag alone or with other flags is an important subject and one that is tied directly to Scout Advancement. Come and learn how to display and treat our Flag with respect and how to properly honor the standards of other countries and organizations. Flag Etiquette - PDF
Flag Glossary - PDF
Displaying the Flag
Fundraising See "Make your unit financially healthy"
Games See:
Genealogy/Oral History -Learn how to record your geneology with an oral history. Many hands-on opportunities.   Power Point Presentation (2008)

"Memories Matter" brochure - Front Back - PDF
Scanning Protocol - PDF
Spoken History Consent Form - PDF
"When in Doubt" - PDF

Research Log - PDF
Correspondence Log

Cemetery Records form - PDF
Family Group Chart - PDF
Family Tree Chart Four Generations Six Generations

Get the word out! We've got the best game in town, but nobody knows about it. How can your unit get the word out to the community about what you've been doing and how much fun your Cubs/Scouts/Venturers are having? How can you attract new members to your unit by effective publicity? Does your unit have a website or Facebook page, and if not, why not? What local media is available, and how do you use it? All these things, and more, will be covered! 2010 "Effective Communications" PowerPoint presentation (Rascha Scheel)
2010 "Websites & Newsletters" PowerPoint presentation (handouts in PDF) (Jim Graney)
2005 "Websites & Newsletters"  PowerPoint presentation (Jery Stedinger) 
2004 "Websites & Newsletters" PowerPoint presentation (Mike Brown)
2004 "Beyond Newsletters" PowerPoint Presentation (Jery Stedinger)

Handout from March 2010 Taughannock Roundtable - PDF

Troop 1876 Handbook

Designing Websites for Accessibility 

BSA Guidelines for Websites - PDF
Developing a Scout Website
- from the UKSA (PDF)

"Web Site Freshness: The Fine Art of Keeping It Current" from Microsoft

Sample Website:   Troop Website (Troop 80, Cortland)

Sample Newsletters:
"The Griff" - 3d Chalkwell Bay Group (England) PDF
... and issue one of the "Griff"
Troop 18, BSA, Gasport NY  
Troop 865, Chicago
Troop 202, Endicott
Troop 210, White Plains

"Web Pages That Suck" - Vincent Flanders' website where you can learn good website design from looking at bad website design (link)

Power Point Presentation on Unit Communications (2008)

Ideas to Promote Scouting - PDF
Unit Publicity Guidelines - PDF

See "Exciting Unit Communications"

Get your Scouts wet!: Learn about Safe Swim Defense/Safety Afloat and how to teach and supervise the BSA Requirements for Webelos Aquatics, as well as 1st and 2nd Class Scouts. These certifications are required to take your Pack, Troop or Crew swimming or boating 2016 PowerPoint

Program handout - PDF

Internet links:

Giving & Receiving Feedback - Giving feedback is one the most effective tools for reinforcing the behavior you want, and changing the behavior you don't. Come learn a four step method that will help you with your Scouts, your family, and your work. 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
2009 PowerPoint Presentation
Go Fishing - Kids love to fish! Learn how to take your Scouts fishing as part of the troop program and maybe pick up a pointer for yourself. Course Outline - PDF

Handouts - PDF

Got games? - Every unit can use some teambuilding ideas! Ice-breakers, gathering activities, games… This course will present different ways of building and encouraging your unit's youth leadership. Team Building Games (all PDF)

UK Scout Association on Team Building PDF

Gourmet Cookouts - Encourage your Scouts to try a more elaborate outdoor cooking experience.  Gourmet Cookouts - PDF
Gourmet Cookout Recipes - PDF

Patrol Menu Planning Worksheet - PDF

Cooking on Embers
Foil Cooking
Foil Cooking - PDF
Philmont Country Cookbook - PDF
Troop 886 Cooking Hints - PDF

Group Dynamics for Outdoor Leadership - Effective outdoor leaders understand the dynamic phases of the people they are leading. In this session, you’ll be introduced to the “Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Transforming” group dynamics model and will discuss how leaders should respond to each phase in an outdoor or patrol setting. The concepts covered in this session will be geared towards older scouts with leadership experience and adult leaders. PowerPoint Presentation
Hiking on Two Wheels -- Bike Touring: Learn how to plan and lead bike tours as a fun and challenging twist on hiking or as requirements for the cycling merit badge. Get some ideas on great places to go riding and bring home a checklist which you can use for inspecting your unit's bicycles prior to a ride. PowerPoint Presentation from 2014
A History of Scouting in 42 Objects - Take a walk through time as we look back at 1910 to the present, and see how Scouting has helped shape America. Learn about the new Scouting Heritage Merit Badge.

2011 PowerPoint Presentation  

A History of the Baden-Powell Council Shoulder Patch
Taughannock District Virtual Patch Collection

Scouting Heritage Merit Badge requirements

Scouting History Resources

Famous former scouts (mostly British) - pdf
Notable scouts (also mostly British) - pdf
Astronauts and Scouting - pdf
Green Bar Bill Hillcourt- pdf

How Scouting Grew - pdf
Milestones - pdf
World growth - pdf

100 Years in Review web page from National
100 Years in Review important dates listing - PDF

The First Scout Camp - Brownsea - pdf

World Jamborees - pdf

The Scout Staff - pdf
Scouting with a Neckerchief - pdf

The Oath and Law Around the World - PDF

Historical Postcards and Stamps

About the Founders:

Robert S. S. Baden-Powell, Lord Gilwell: 

"Baden-Powell: Chief Scout of the World" - pdf
"Be Prepared" - a 1937 interview with BP - pdf
Baden-Powell Quotes - PDF
A Baden-Powell Infographic from the UKSA - jpg

B-P was in Central NY! His account of his trip - pdf

His books: 
Souting for Boys (complete) - also page to download sections
Aids to Scoutmastership - PDF
"Boy Scouts beyond the Seas
"Lessons from the Varsity of Life"

Daniel Carter Beard: 

A biography - PDF
Dan Beard's writings online - internet link

Ernest Thompson Seton:

A biography - PDF
Birchbark Roll - his book on Woodcraft - internet link

James West - Biography - PDF

History of Scouting See "Looking Back"
Images of Scouting - A picture is worth a thousand words, and there's a thousand ways to use photography in your unit! Pictures, slide shows, and videos help keep memories alive and are an important recruiting tool. Learn how to use photography and the few rules that will move your skills from "snapshot Bob" to "semi-pro Baden-Powell"! 2019 PowerPoint Presentation  
(Note: this presentation is also useful for teaching Photography Merit Badge)

Requirements for Photography Merit Badge 

Are you taking great photos of your projects and activities? - UK Scout Association website

UK Photography Activity Badge pamphlet - PDF

An interesting paper from HP on longevity of computer-printed photographs - PDF

Media 101: Imagery - publication from the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) (off site link)

Links for downloading some of the software referred to in the presentation are available on the Software page on this site.

In the Night Sky - Can you find the Big Dipper? Where is the North Star? Rub elbows with the stars and learn how to show your Scouts the wonders of the night sky in your backyard or on a campout. Star charts will be available for purchase for $5 from the instructor 2012 Power Point Presentation

List of Websites - PDF
Globe at Night
Orion Telescope's Monthly Star Chart

Measure the Speed of Light at Home - PDF

Star Clock - PDF

Internet Links: 
Sky and Telescope

Astronomy Picture of the Day:
Astronomy For Kids - -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids:
Space Weather Prediction Center
from NOAA
Near-Earth Object Program:
WorldWide Telescope - Free software download - CNET
Google Sky:
NASA – Home:
Space Camp® Online:
Mars Exploration Program:
Cassini Equinox Mission:
Science news in general (Science News):

Intervention Connection: Sometimes our youth come to us from difficult or unhealthy situations. Other times a youth (or adult) may use physical or mental bullying to control another youth. Learn how to spot the warning signs of abuse, neglect, and unhealthy situations and how and when to intervene effectively. Learn how to spot and redirect bullying, teasing, and unhealthy behavior in the Unit  
Introduction to GPS and Geocaching See GPS and Geocaching
Introduction to Map & Compass: Boring, irrelevant, outdated? Come and learn how and why a map and compass will still remain our most useful and reliable tools for finding our way even in the internet age! 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
2009 PowerPoint Presentation

Declination Map - PDF

Download Topgraphical Maps from the USCGS
Free printable PDF topo maps from National Geographic
Free online topo maps from

Introduction to Special Awards PowerPoint presentation

Year-round Camper Award Application PDF

Juggling for Fun: Juggling is fun and anyone can learn the basics in this fun and enjoyable class. Spice up your meetings and campfires with this crowd-pleasing skill! Come learn how to juggle. Spice up your meeting and campfires with this great crowd pleaser. Basic Scarf-Ball Juggling - PDF
How to Juggle

Internet Links: 

Knife Sharpening - This course is open to all and recommended to those who are taking Whittling Wood. The Knife is the Scouts' Best Tool and a sharp knife is less likely to slip and slice where you don't want it to cut, but sharpening a knife correctly and keeping the edge keen are sometimes a bit of a mystery. Come and learn the basics of sharpening and honing from someone who knows his stuff 2019 Handout - PDF
Leading a Successful High Adventure Activity - High Adventure is whatever you and your older Scouts define it to be. It can have many venues which will be discussed in this course. We will also cover the basics of what you need to know to lead a successful high adventure program -- planning, training, organizing a cooperative group, discipline, and physical preparation. "Planning High Adventure Trips" Presentations:
2011 Presentation Notes - PDF
2008 PowerPoint Presentation  
2007 Presentation
2006 PowerPoint Presentation
Handout from 2006 Presentation

Links to High Adventure - PDF

Avoiding Bears - PDF
Backpacking Planner - Excel
Council High Adventure Programs - PDF
Disinfection Techniques - PDF
Equipment Checklist - PDF
Informed Consent form - PDF
Injury Report form - PDF
Insurance Coverage - PDF
Itinerary Plan - PDF
Motor Vehicle checklist - PDF
National High Adventure Bases
Personal First Aid Kit
Personal Journal - PDF
Reminders for Outings - PDF
Resource List - PDF
River Safety Scale - PDF
Rules of the Trail - PDF
Sample Budget - PDF
Wilderness Use Policy - PDF

Leveraging Abilities - Understanding how a youth member with special needs relates to the world will help you to understand why some situations and events can trigger an "episode" or cause a youth to "shut down". Diverting the member from potential trouble areas is a constructive technique that will help foster an engaging and interesting environment while minimizing youth and leader frustrations. 2017 Presentation - PDF
Making Balloon Animals - A few easy-to-learn skills and techniques are all you need to make simple balloon animals and bring variety and excitement to group activities. Come and learn what you need, where you can get supplies, and how you can do it too! Balloons 101 - PDF
Making Balloon Animals handout
Making Your Unit Financially Healthy - Budgeting for program plans and activities and balancing dues, fees, and fundraising are key to making your Unit financially independent and growing the funds you need for special activities. It can be done, if you choose to do it! This class will help you along that road. 2020 PowerPoint presentation
2011 PowerPoint presentation

Baden-Powell Council Fundraising Policy - PDF

ABC's of Fundraising - PDF
Pack Budgeting - PDF
Fiscal Policy for Units FAQ

Pack Budget Spreadsheet - Excel

Map & Compass - Introduction   See Introduction to Map and Compass
Map & Compass Games - Scouts love to play games, so make Map & Compass fun by teaching them to use a compass, take bearings and follow directions. Learn how to set up a simple compass game your youth can play outside in a den or patrol meeting or during an outdoor activity. 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
2009 PowerPoint Presentation

Map Symbol Relay - PDF
Map Symbol Practice - PDF

Navigating - The BSA's websites provide lots of useful information for leaders in all of the Scouting programs - Cubs, Scouts and Venturing - but let's be honest, they're not the easiest in the world to use, at least at first. In this course we'll explore scouting's on-line resources, including the website and its associated Learning Center.  2019 Presentation (PDF)

BSA Troop Leader Resources website

Taughnannock District Website Forms and Resources Page

Outdoor Clothing - Keeping comfortable in the outdoors often has a lot to do with clothing choices. We'll talk about layering systems (shells, insulating layers, base layers) and the principles of dynamic layering. We'll look at various fabrics and materials - synthetics (nylon, polyester, Gore-Tex, etc.) and natural fibers (wool, cotton). Clothing options will be compared across a range of features (performance, quality and price.) and we'll be talking about what to wear and what NOT to wear Links to REI Expert Advice web pages: 
Overview of the Guide to Safe Scouting (G2SS) - What can you do with Scouts, and what can't do. What's OK for Webelos, but not for Cubs. The answers to these and other questions can be found in the G2SS and it's your go-to book to make sure that your program activities are permitted and age-appropriate. Come and learn why it's not just a requirement, but also good sense to know what's inside the G2SS. Guide to Safe Scouting - printable version in PDF 

Guide to Safe Scouting - link to National Website for the latest information

Record Keeping - Learn how to do the advancement record keeping that is required for your pack or troop, and why it is important for your Scouts' advancement to Eagle. PowerPoint Presentation (2008)
Recruiting, recognizing, and retaining: Developing adult leadership in your unit: Join us for an active discussion of techniques for developing new Leaders in your Unit, keeping them engaged, and providing the rewards and feedback that will help retain them as active and valued Leaders. As time allows we will discuss some aspects of planning for Succession as Leaders transition to other roles and programs. 2020 Slide Deck - PDF 
Recruiting & Retaining Youth Members - "Boy Talks" and flyers in schools have been mainstays of recruitment, but units can to do more. Learn creative recruiting methods, how to retain youth members once they have joined, and how the District & Council can help. 2010 PowerPoint Presentation (David Lanning) 
2008 PowerPoint
Presentation (Sue Adams and Bruce Churchill)

Recruiting Flyer from Pack 10 - PDF

Resources for Youth Members with Disabilities Knowing how and where to access resources and special training is the first step towards developing a plan to meet "Special Needs" challenges. Learn about readily available and accessible resources to help you train your leaders and prepare your Unit. PowerPoint Presentation
The "Right" Knife  - A discussion of knife designs, sizes, weights, features, uses, performance characteristics, different blade metals and handle materials, ease of care and sharpening, scabbard designs, specialty knives, is there a perfect knife, reasons why people choose their favorite knife, and more…  REI page on "Knives and Tools: How to Choose" (internet link)
Scout Magic - Magic tricks are fun and a great way to weave lessons into activities and to develop confidence and dexterity. Come and learn a few simple tricks and the techniques you need to dress them up into something special. 2009 Handout
Selecting & Retaining Volunteer Leaders - How to get & keep good leaders in your unit using National & Council recommended methods. Learn how training can help retain leaders. Start with getting them to come to the University of Scouting. 2013 PowerPoint Presentation (Bob Clark)
2010 PowerPoint Presentation (Dave and RomaJane Simpson)
2006 PowerPoint Presentation (Brian Dalton)
2005 PowerPoint Presentation (Bruce Churchill)

Selecting Quality Leaders (module from BSBLT) - PDF

The Spectrum of Special Needs - Physical abilities and psychological outlooks have real effects on how an individual relates to the world. Understanding this is the first step towards helping a youth succeed. You will be introduced to the broad spectrum of "special needs" and techniques for integrating "special needs" youth into your Unit Program. 2017 Handout - PDF
Storytelling - A hands-on workshop led by a gifted story teller, who will challenge you with exercises designed to improve your telling skills, and who will motivate you with captivating story telling examples. Participants will progress to confidently tell a short story on their own by the end of the workshop. Help enhance the "magic" around your unit's meetings and ceremonies by improving your telling skills!! Storytelling around the campfire and in the pack - PDF

"How to Tell a Story" - by Mark Twain

Take Your Unit on a Touring Trip - A touring trip can be the highlight of your unit's year, but there's a lot to think about before you head off on that week on the road! Thing BIG - how about a trip to Europe for your Venturing crew or a special event? Learn how to plan touring trips, locally or across the globe. PowerPoint Presentation

Letter to Scouts about a Spring Trip - PDF
Permission Form - PDF

Troop 80's Spring Trip Itineraries: (all PDF)
1996 - New England
1997 - Maryland

2000 - Ohio
2003 - New England

Blair Atholl Scottish Jamborette Trip: (All PDF)
2002 Itinerary - 2004 Itinerary - 2006 Itinerary 
2008 Itinerary
- 2010 Itinerary - 2012 Itinerary - 2014 Itinerary
Letter to Scouts - "Random Thoughts" on the trip  websites for all Blair Atholl trips
Traveling Overseas With Scouts and Venturers

Internet links: 

BSA Council Locator
Where to Stay in Europe
ScoutBase UK - campsite directory in UK

Talking to Youth about Youth Protection:  Talking about Youth Protection to the youth in your Unit is an important responsibility, but it can be hard to open that conversation. Come and learn about the resources that are available, but also how to enlist your Leadership and Unit Parents in making these discussions non-threatening and helpful. Presenting Youth Protection for Youth - PDF

Youth Protection for Youth - PDF

Tax Deductions for Volunteers - Learn what you can legally deduct on your taxes for volunteering your time. Taught by a certified Tax Accountant 2010 Presentation on Tax Deductions for Volunteers - PDF

IRS Publication 526 - Charitable Contributions (PDF)

Teaching BSA Aquatic Requirements - Get in the pool and learn hands-on how to teach the BSA Requirements for Webelos Aquatics, 1st and 2nd Class Scouts!

See "Get your Scouts wet!"
Transitioning Leaders to New Unit Positions - Many parents become Cub Scout leaders and move up with their boy, but what happens when the boy moves into Boy Scouting or Venturing? How do you move the parents into fulfilling Troop or Crew leadership positions? How do you use make this "new blood" part of your Unit succession plan? 2009 Course handout - PDF
Tree Identification: Oak, Maple, Pine. What comes next ? Does tree identification stump you? Do you ‘pine’ for the ability to rattle off names and species ? There are lots more ways to identify a tree rather than just by its leaves. Come and learn the tools and techniques used to identify trees like a First Class Scout and, in the process, develop the knowledge you need to confidently help the youth in your unit learn this skill as well ! An introduction to the requirements for the Forestry Merit Badge will also be provided. 2019 Presentation - offsite link to Prezi website
Uniforming - Uniforming? Why is it important? Who's in charge? How do I know what I can wear on my uniform and what shouldn't be word on it? How about the Scouts? How do I know what goes where? If you've asked yourself any of these questions and you'd like to get the right information, come join this class and "Understand Uniforming the Scout way". 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
Weather and Risk Management - Despite the forecast, units might experience unexpected hazardous weather situations including thunderstorms, floods, or even a microburst or tornado. Learn how to be prepared and reduce vulnerability, signs that indicate you are in trouble, and what to do when things do not look good. 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
2013 PowerPoint Presentation
Websites & Newsletters - Learn the nuts and bolts of creating newsletters for your unit that are not only informative, but fun to look at as well. Learn the tricks of the trade for creating and deploying a unit web site. See "Get the Word Out!"
Whittlin' Wood - Don't cut corners! - It's fun to use your pocketknife to make a pointy stick, but it's even more fun to whittle a fun or useful object. It's even more fun if you still have ten fingers when you are finished! Come and learn knife safety and the basic techniques of whittling. Neckerchief Slides - PDF
Wing It and Sing It! - Songs build morale and create fellowship. Cubs and Scouts love to sing and everyone will join in if YOU get them started. Learn how to open your mouth and get them singing! See General Resources page for a number of songbooks
Woodbadge, NYLT and EDGE -Adults and youth are invited to come join the fun and share in the learning. Learn what Wood Badge, National Youth Leader Training, and EDGE can do for you and your unit. We will share our experiences and successes with you. Learn how one adult leader and one youth leader trained in Wood Badge, NYLT, and EDGE can make the difference to your unit.

NYLT - 2012 PowerPoint Presentation

Woodbadge - PowerPoint Presentation

Origin of Woodbadge (PDF from UK Scout Association)

The Woodbadge Home Page - internet link

You and Your Unit Commissioner - Did you know that the Unit Commissioner is intended to link the Unit and Council by supporting the Unit and providing help and resources? Come and chat with experienced members of the Commissioner Staff and learn how your Commissioner can help your Unit to thrive. "Ask Andy" - straightforward advice from an experienced Unit Commissioner (internet link)
Youth With Special Needs - Working with Scouts with Special Needs, such as ADHD, physical limitations or mental disabilities, presents special challenges, as well as special rewards. Here's how you can make their Scouting days more successful, and preserve your sanity PowerPoint Presentations: 
Supporting Scouts with ADHD from 2011 BSBLT (also notes in PDF)
2007 PowerPoint presentation
2006 PowerPoint presentation
"Individualizing Recreation and Leisure Activities for Youth with Special Needs" - Power Point presentation

2008 Handouts (PDF):
- Help! I have ADD/Autism in my troop! 
- Individual Scout Achievement Plan 
- Scouting for Special Needs Scouts 

"Accommodating ADD" - reprint from CASP Today
"ADAPT" - Accommodations Help Students
BSA Fact Sheet
on Scouts with Disabilities - PDF
"Dealing with Disruptive Scouts" by Bill Nelson
"Coping with a hyperactive Scout at Summer Camp" PDF
from the Philmont Training Program - PDF

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