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Other Scouting Resources

Useful Resources for Baden-Powell Scouters

The Language of Scouting


Songbooks and Campfires

Boy Scout Training Songs and Yells - PPT

Campfire Magic -  (PDF)

Campfire Program - songs and skits (PDF)

Dining Hall Songs

Camp Chateaugay Song Book

Delmont Scout Reservation Songbook

20th Sandford (Ireland) Troop Songbook (PDF)

Songs for Scouts to Sing

Troop 80 Songbook  (PDF)


BSA Publications

Guide to Safe Scouting - printable version in PDF 

Guide to Safe Scouting - link to National Website for the latest information

Age Appropriate Scouting Activities

Scouting's Camping Program chart - PDF

Insignia Guide (link to BSA website)

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