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Venturing Courses See:
Venture Program Planning - Learn how to set up a crew program for the entire year that will excite the youth members and keep them interested! PowerPoint Presentation - and another 

Planning PowerPoint Presentations - Part1 Part2

Venturing Activity Ideas - PDF
Program Capability Inventory
Activity Interest Survey - PDF
Activity Planner - PDF
Program Planning Form - PDF
Sample Parental Permission Form - PDF

Venturing Recruiting & Getting Crews Up to Speed: Learn how to recruit new crew members and get everyone up to speed as quickly as possible. Recruiting Venturers - PDF
Venturing Marketing Guide - PDF
Venturing Leadership Training Power Point Presentations:
Session 1 - Vision
Session 2 - Communication
Session 3 - Communication / Empathetic Listening
Session 4 - Planning
Session 5 - Organization / Delegation
Session 6 - Synergism
Session 7 - Team Building / Ranking
Session 8 - Tangle Knot
Session 9 - Five Styles of Leadership

Materials and Notes:

Crew Nametags - PDF
Materials needed for the VLS - PDF
Golden Nuggets
Seven steps of good planning
Tower Building Rules

VSALT Organization and Leadership  (from Mark Ritter) 
VSALT  Sea Scouts (from Mark Ritter) 
VLST Leadership PowerPoint Presentation (from Jeremy Kumar)

Water Treatment - (Primitive Skills -- Water Treatment in the outdoors): It is essential to treat or purify water to make it safe to drink. This session will review the various problems of back country water (parasites, protozoa, chemicals and other gross stuff) and will offer hands-on demonstrations of many ways to make water drinkable, especially when faced with a situation where you are without the means or equipment to utilize advanced chemical or filtering methods. Water Treatment and Purification by Bill Miller - PDF

Purifying Filthy Detritus-Filled Water for Drinking - PDF

REI Guide to Water Purifiers and Filters 

Water Treatment Methods Handout - PDF

Weather and Risk Management - Despite the forecast, units might experience unexpected hazardous weather situations including thunderstorms, floods, or even a microburst or tornado. Learn how to be prepared and reduce vulnerability, signs that indicate you are in trouble, and what to do when things do not look good. 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
2013 PowerPoint Presentation
Webelos to Scout Transition - The transition from Webelos to Scouts BSA means new roles and responsibilities. Learn how to prepare your boys, their parents, and their leaders for By Leadership. Learn about cutting the strings and letting those potential eagles soar! 2020 Presentation - PPTX - (Mark Rozenkrantz)
2018 Materials - PDF
2017 Presentation - PDF (Tom Sorensen)
2011 PowerPoint Presentation (Jim Graney)
2006 PowerPoint Presentation (Greg Shepard)

The Webelos to Scout Transition - QuickTime movie

Webelos to Scout Transition Plan (BSA publication) - PDF

A Parent's Guide to the Webelos-to-Scout Transition - PDF

2007 Handout and Resource List - PDF

Senior Webelos Banners handout from Pack 4- PDF

Websites & Newsletters - Learn the nuts and bolts of creating newsletters for your unit that are not only informative, but fun to look at as well. Learn the tricks of the trade for creating and deploying a unit web site. See "Get the Word Out!"
What is the Order of the Arrow?   See "Meet the Order of the Arrow"
Where to Go Hiking And Backpacking - Starting with the Finger Lakes Trail, there are hundreds of miles of hiking trails here in our own backyard. Come learn about some of these, as well as trails in the Catskills, the Adirondacks and north-central Pennsylvania, which boasts some of the most scenic hiking trails anywhere! 2019 PowerPoint presentation
2016 PowerPoint presentation

Hike Recommendations -- Baden-Powell Council Area - a sampling of the many hiking trail systems found in and near the Baden-Powell Council Area -- primarily the counties of Susquehanna in Pennsylvania, and Broome, Tioga, Chenango, Cortland, and Tompkins in New York. You’ll find all of these trails ideal for hikes by Scouts of all ages -- Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturers alike -- and for whatever distances you are looking for!

Tuscarora Trail System Overview - PowerPoint
Tuscarora Trail Guide
Tuscarora Trail Map 2009 - PDF

Hike the Finger Lakes Trail - 2011 PowerPoint
Hike the Finger Lakes Trail
FLTC Large Group Guidelines - PDF
Where to Go Camping - PDF
National Forest Service Finger Lakes Map - PDF

Internet Links: 
Finger Lakes Trail Conference Website
Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK)-Onondaga Chapter 
Cayuga Trails Club 
Finger Lakes National Forest
Triple Cities Hiking Club
Bullthistle Hiking Club

Whittlin' Wood - Don't cut corners! - It's fun to use your pocketknife to make a pointy stick, but it's even more fun to whittle a fun or useful object. It's even more fun if you still have ten fingers when you are finished! Come and learn knife safety and the basic techniques of whittling. Neckerchief Slides - PDF
Wilderness Survival Food - A beginning course in finding edible wild plants that you can use to survive during the Spring, Summer and Fall. The course includes food basics to bring along on a longer outing. You will receive handouts, book references, and some food samples from our area in the Spring period; the handout will tell how to handle wild plants to eat at different times of the year. Internet links:
Wing It and Sing It! - Songs build morale and create fellowship. Cubs and Scouts love to sing and everyone will join in if YOU get them started. Learn how to open your mouth and get them singing! See General Resources page for a number of songbooks
Winter Mountaineering - Topics covered: snowshoeing & skiing, backpacking with sleds, snow shelters. Beginning Cold Weather Camping - PowerPoint from BSBLT
Wolf and Bear - KISMIF -- Keep it Simple, Make it Fun! - Learn how to plan a spectacular year of activities and program that lead to advancement. Avoid the springtime rush to finish and make sure everyone has fun along the way. Class notes - PDF

Bear Den Meeting Planning Sheet - PDF MSW

Woodbadge, NYLT and EDGE -Adults and youth are invited to come join the fun and share in the learning. Learn what Wood Badge, National Youth Leader Training, and EDGE can do for you and your unit. We will share our experiences and successes with you. Learn how one adult leader and one youth leader trained in Wood Badge, NYLT, and EDGE can make the difference to your unit.

NYLT - 2012 PowerPoint Presentation

Woodbadge - PowerPoint Presentation

Origin of Woodbadge (PDF from UK Scout Association)

The Woodbadge Home Page - internet link

Year Round Pack Program - How to keep your Cub Scouts active and happy all year along. We will discuss summertime activities, the National Summertime Pack Award and the Centennial Quality Unit Award.

Budgeting Information - PDF MSW
Cub Calendar - PDF MSW
Pack Meeting Planning Sheet - PDF MSW
Rechartering Begins with School Signup - PDF MSW
School Night Information Sheet - PDF MSW
School Night signup checklist - PDF MSW
Unit Cross Reference form - PDF MSW
Unit Information Sheet - PDF MSW
Unit Roster (blank form) - PDF MSW
We signed up for Scouting! - PDF MSW

You and Your Unit Commissioner - Did you know that the Unit Commissioner is intended to link the Unit and Council by supporting the Unit and providing help and resources? Come and chat with experienced members of the Commissioner Staff and learn how your Commissioner can help your Unit to thrive. "Ask Andy" - straightforward advice from an experienced Unit Commissioner (internet link)
Youth Leaders Roundtable: Scouting is Youth Led, but sometimes well-meaning or inexperienced adults get in the way and sometimes your fellow Scouts forget their responsibilities. Come and spend some time with experienced youth leaders in an informal give-and-take "bull session" where you can talk about the issues and problems YOU face.  
Youth Led, Success is Fed! - How do you make Youth Leadership the foundation of your Unit Program and develop a culture of Boy Leadership? This course will show you how the Patrol Method will lead your Troop to flourish and help your Crew to forge its own identity.  
Youth Protection for Youth See "Talking to Youth about Youth Protection"
Youth With Special Needs - Working with Scouts with Special Needs, such as ADHD, physical limitations or mental disabilities, presents special challenges, as well as special rewards. Here's how you can make their Scouting days more successful, and preserve your sanity 2023 University of Scouting Presentation on Advancement for Special Needs Scouts - PDF
2023 University of Scouting Notes on Advancement for Special Needs Scouts - PDF 

BSA Guide to Working with Scouts with Special Needs and Disabilities  - PDF

Disability Models - PDF

Supporting Scouts with ADHD from 2011 BSBLT (also notes in PDF)
2007 PowerPoint presentation
2006 PowerPoint presentation
"Individualizing Recreation and Leisure Activities for Youth with Special Needs" - Power Point presentation

2008 Handouts (PDF):
- Help! I have ADD/Autism in my troop! 
- Individual Scout Achievement Plan 
- Scouting for Special Needs Scouts 

"Accommodating ADD" - reprint from CASP Today
"ADAPT" - Accommodations Help Students
BSA Fact Sheet
on Scouts with Disabilities - PDF
"Dealing with Disruptive Scouts" by Bill Nelson
"Coping with a hyperactive Scout at Summer Camp" PDF
from the Philmont Training Program - PDF

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