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Advancement See:

BSA National Guide to Advancement - link to National Site
US Scouting Service Project Adancement Page

Advising of Co-Ed Programs PowerPoint Presentation
Alternative Games - Every unit can use some teambuilding ideas! Ice-breakers, gathering activities, games… This course will present different ways of building and encouraging your unit’s youth leadership and add that extra spark to your Troop, Pack, or Den meeting Sample Games - PDF

There are lots of other games resources throughout this CDROM!

Awards and Recognition for Leaders - Learn what awards are available, how to earn them, who does the paper work and much, much more. A great way to retain and motivate your unit leadership. 2010 PowerPoint Presentation

Internet Links:
US Scouting Service Project page on Square Knots with requirements
Boy Scout Trail page on Square Knots with requirements

Backpacking See: 
Backpacking - 10 Essentials (and more) See Ten Essentials and More
BALOO See National Training Courses
Basic Canoe Handling Skills - Get the skills you need to feel secure, and instill confidence in your group! Actual in-the-water instruction - bring swim suit and towel! Program Handout - PDF
Basics of Fundraising See Making Your Unit Financially Healthy
Bear Leaders – KISMIF (Keep it simple, make it fun)!  See Wolf and Bear - KISMIF
Beginning E.D.G.E. - How do you organize a class when teaching a skill? How do you keep on track and avoid confusion? Would you like to help improve the quality of teaching in your Troop, Crew, or Pack? "The Beginning EDGE" offers you clear direction and a concrete method that you can apply to teaching or helping to teach skills. You will learn about the EDGE methodology and see it applied in practice. Basic EDGE - PDF

Basic EDGE notes - PDF

Bike Touring and the Cycling MB See Hiking on Two Wheels
Bird Watching - Learn the basics of bird watching, how to build cool birdhouses and feeders. Learn to formulate tasty bird treats.

Ducks at a Distance - a guide from USGS

Internet links: 

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology (Sapsucker Woods) and their "All About Birds" guide

Cornell also offers an app for smartphones called "Merlin" which is very useful. You can enter characteristics of the bird you see (or even a photo) and it will offer possible identifications. The All About Birds website has a page which links to the Apple and Android app stores to obtain the app. 

Identification of American Birds - from USGS - how to identify birds, including songs - identification page
Visual Key to lead you through identifying birds
Bird Songs of New York State Birds (SUNY)
Beginners' Guide to Birdwatching (Homeadvisor)
Complete Guide to Bird Watching (UK link)

Boots, Socks, Footwear and Footcare - Your feet are your primary method of travel in the backcountry. We'll discuss selecting appropriate footwear for various scouting activities (boots, shoes). We'll talk about socks (wool vs. synthetic vs. cotton; liners or not?). Care of the feet, including how to avoid blisters, how to treat them if you get them, and first aid for feet. If time allows, we'll talk about boot care to extend the life of your gear. REI Articles (web links):
Boy Scout Program Specific Courses See:
Bringing Duty to God to Your Unit- Is your unit celebrating Scout Sunday? How do you show "a Scout is Reverent"? Do you say grace with meal? Does your unit use Chaplain Aides? This course will help get you headed in the right direction. A Scout is Reverent 

BSA Religious Awards

Link to Program of Religious Activities for Youth 

The Roles of the Chaplain and Chaplains' Aide
Manual for Chaplains and Chaplain's Aides

Building an Effective Troop Committee: Should the Committee micro-manage or adopt a hands-off attitude? How do you support the Unit's activities and facilitate program execution while maintaining a friendly relationship with the Troop? Come and learn how knowledge and commitment on both sides breed success.  

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