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Boy Scout Resources

Troop Meeting - Outdoor - PDF
Troop Meeting - Board of Review - PDF
Patrol Leader's Oath - PDF
Age Appropriate Scouting Activities

Troop Program Features - Annual Publications

Meaning of the Scout Oath, Law, Motto and Slogan
The Oath and Law around the world
John Wayne
on the Scout Law - PDF

BSA National Charter

Aids to Scoutmastership - Baden-Powell's book for Scoutmasters - PDF

Troop 80, Cortland's list of activities since the 1980's

Troop 201 Forms: 

Excel Spreadsheets: 
Scout to First Class Advancement Checklist
Troop Calendar Spreadsheet
Leave No Trace Award Progress
Participation and Leadership Tracking
Advancement Wall Chart

Word Documents:
Life to Eagle Progress Record
Individual Scout Record
Meeting Planner
Patrol Duty Roster

UK Scout Association Training Papers
"Let's Go Scouting"

The Scout program(me) in the UK is not quite the same as ours, but some of their training materials which were published when their program(me) changed in 2002 are interesting for BSA leaders. 

1. Team Building
2. Analyzing Relationships
3. The Council Meeting
4. Running a council
5. The Programme Cycle
20. Oath and Law

Boy Scout Advancement

BSA National Guide to Advancement - link to National Site
US Scouting Service Project Adancement Page

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