Taughannock District
2020 Pinewood Derby
March 7, 2020 - Shops at Ithaca Mall

A Cub checks her car in for racing.

A Cub checks his car in for racing.

Lynn and Mac Green checking cars in. 

Mac straightens out one of the critical questions at check-in - did the Cub clean the wheels of his car with a toothbrush? 

Cubs were, of course, their usual dignified and sedate selves. 

Flying Teddy bears at the other end of the track. 

The Pinewood Derby started wtih the Pledge of Allegiance and the Scout Oath and Law

The Cubs voted on the various cars for artistic and construction awards. 

And... they're off!

Any lull in racing was filled with jokes and skits.

All the cars were roundly cheered.

This would be the most self-defeating design possible for a Pinewood Derby car. Not only wouldn't it fit under the scoring bridge, but the sails would guarantee the slowest time possible. It's a neat design, though, and fortunately it wasn't intended to race, it's just a thought project by one of the adult leaders. 

Awards were given for Best Use of Material at each level (Lion, Tiger, Bear, Wolf, Webelos and Arrow of Light). 

Awards were also given for Best Racing-Style Car and Most Original Car

Two awards for one car!

This car looked like a rolling gumball machine. It was called "Mom, can I have a quarter? Mom, can I have a quarter? Mom, can I have a quarter?"

First, Second and Third Place Lions 

First, Second and Third Place Tigers 

First, Second and Third Place Wolves

First, Second and Third Place Bears

First and Second Place Webelos (the third-place racer had to leave early)

First, Second and Third Place Arrow of Light

The Pinewood Derby ended with a circle ceremony, and everyone agreed that a Good Time was had by all. 
Our "thanks" to everyone who attended and to all the volunteers who helped make the event a success!

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All pictures Copyright 2020 Mike Brown
Permission given to copy and use images for Scouting purposes