Boo at Barton
Cub Adventure Weekend
October 5-6, 2019

The Cub Scouts had a great time at Camp Barton for the Fall Cub Adventure Weekend!

Big Bad Wolf - good lunch


The lunch crew served a tasty meal of hot dogs and suchlike...

Archery is always a hit at Cub events.

The horizontal bow technique is unconventional, but effective...

BB guns on the Rifle Range

BB guns

Was there a troll under the bridge?

Frontenac Creek on a beautiful Fall Saturday

Cooking - hot chocolate and trail mix

Assembling the trail mix



Cubs on the Scouting Trail

Wizard Chess

The Game - Steal the Bacon, more or less

Potions - Professor Slughorn sent his substitute.


The Bouldering Wall

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Photos Copyright 2019 Mike Brown
Permission granted to use for any Scouting Purpose