Taughannock District Auto-Ree
October 20-22, 2017 - Central NY Living History Center

Our District's Cubs and Scouts had a great time at the 2017 AutoRee. The Scouts earned Automobile Maintenance Merit Badge through 12 different stations, and the Cubs built balloon-powered cars. There were a number of interesting cars to look at, a Truck Simulator for the Scouts to drive, a Big Rig to sit in, a Jamboree-On-The-Air (JOTA) radio station, a rollover demonstrator, and a movie in the evening. Our thanks to the Central New York Living History Center for hosting the event, to the Skyline Radio Club for the JOTA station, to P &S Transportation for the truck and the simulator, to the NY State Police for the rollover demonstrator, and, of course, to all of the District, Troop and Pack Scouters who did all of the work to make the Auto-Ree possible. A special "thanks" goes to Roger Garnett for organizing the Scout Camporee, Lynn Green for organizing the Cub event (among other things) and to Kathlene and Dave Gross for the logistical support. If I've forgotten to mention you - sorry about that, and "thanks" to you, too!

Roger Garnett offered rides in his 1911 REO Horseless Carriage throughout the day.

Scouts learned about brakes at this station

If you're small enough, even a tiny Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite seems big!

Careers in Automobile Maintenance

Cooling systems

Scouts compared costs of ownership of different automobiles

Dashboards and instrumentation

The museum displays provided useful props for the Engines and Drivetrains station.

Electrical and Ignition

Fuel Systems

The museum displays provided useful props for the Engines and Drivetrains station.

Scouts give the Morgan Plus Four a once-over

Registrations and Titles

Scouts learn about safety around automobiles

Scouts learned about tires, and changed one, too...

NY State Troopers and their Rollover Demonstrator

Driving the Big Rig Simulator - one Scout actually managed to back the truck into a parking space without hitting anything.

The display cars - Morgan Plus Four, 1911 REO Touring, Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite and Mazda Miata

The Big Rig was a hit.

After dark, the lamps on the 1911 REO Horseless Carriage were lit - oil lamps for the markers and tail light, acetylene gas lights for the headlights.

Cub choosing the parts for his balloon-powered car

Building the Baloon-Powered Car

All built - just blow up the balloon and see what happens!

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