"Boo at Barton - Monster Mash!"
Fall Cub Adventure Weekend
October 3, 2015

A capacity crowd of Cub Scouts had a great time at the
2015 Camp Barton Fall Cub Adventure Weekend.
"Thanks" and "Well Done" to all of the volunteers, Scouts
and leaders who made it possible!

Science in the dark...

Archery is always a hit at Cub events

"Bull's Eye!" - or nearly so...

Balloon racing

A proud Cub with his BB gun target

BB guns on the rifle range

Campfire cooking - apples and bannock (a/k/a doughnuts on a stick)

Yummy! You are supposed to wait until the flames subside, though...

Cubs... just being Cubs.

"Captain on Deck!"

It's an unwritten law - no boy may pass any body of water
without throwing a rock in  it.

Cubs (and sibling) at Frontenac Falls

Making Gingerbread Houses

The thirteenth point of the Scout Law - "A Scout is Hungry"

"Please, sir, may we have... more?"

Monster Ball!

Monster Cards

Making Monsters...

... and still more Monsters.

No Fall Cub Weekend is complete without pumpkin carving!

That awful moment when you pull off the top and realize you
have to pull out all the innards... ecch.

Bouldering at the Camp Barton Bouldering Wall

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All pictures Copyright 2015 Mike Brown
Permission granted for any Scouting usage