2011 Camp Barton Cub Resident Camp

It's 1851 in Barton Flats, California, and the Gold Rush is on at the 2011 Camp Barton Cub Scout Resident Camp!

After months of planning and weeks of staff training, the morning of August 11th started with perfect weather. The Cubs and leaders began to arrive, and each Cub was transported to Gold Rush California with their bandanna, in a choice of colors.

 So, of course, instead of prospectors, they immediately became...

Wanted, Dead or Alive!

As the Cubs waited for the camp to begin, they had time to catch up with the latest news in the
Camp Newspaper, the Barton Flats Prospector, Horace Greeley, editor.

Barton Flats' Mayor James Sutter (a/k/a Field Director Gary Decker) welcomes Barton Flats' newest citizens.

And the Old Miner (Camp Director Mike Homrighaus) explains the nuts and bolts... and pans.

Archery is always a hit at Cub Camp.

Barton Flats' citizenry gathers for an inspirational talk by the Old Miner... and lunch.

Always a song at breakfast...

... and time to visit the Barton Flats Emporium for a souvenir or two.

A hike to Frontenac Falls with the Nature Director is a "must".

Cub Scouts = fooling around. Basic.

Watch our town grow!

Panning for gold in Sutters (Frontenac) Creek.

A prospector's Mom is allowed to help in leathercraft.


Kickball on the playing field.

The is gold in them thar hills!

Nature Director Dan Comisi shows the Cubs a local maple leaf...

...and a local snake.

TAG! You're it!

Lunch at the Barton Flats Lodge is always a favorite time.

BB Guns at the Rifle Range.

Trying out Dutch Oven Cooking...

...and eating.

Swim time on the waterfront.


Jump right in!

The Cubs enjoyed climbing on the Bouldering Wall.

"A Scout is Reverent" - Vespers at the Camp Chapel.

Program Den 1

Program Den 2

Program Den 3

Program Den 4

Program Den 5

Program Den 6

Program Den 7

No summer camp is complete without a great evening campfire.

The Old Miner reads the "Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"

Purple Stew?

Finally, the Cubs and leaders paraded down to the the Point for the closing.

The identity of Black Bart was revealed to everyone (and revealed to be everyone).

Flag down, and camp's over.

And as the sun sinks slowly in the west, we bid a fond farewell to 1851 and Barton Flats, and begin to think about next year's Camp Barton Cub Resident Camp...

Announcing the next Camp Barton Cub Resident Camp...
The year is 1212, the place is Castle Frontenac in Scotland,
and we're on the...

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