Taughannock District Wilderness Survival Camporee
October 12-14, 2007

Our Fall Camporee was held on the weekend of October 12-14, 2007, at the Lime Hollow Nature Center in Cortland. Under the leadership of Center Director Glenn Reiseweber. Ninety or more Scouts completed many (if not all) of the requirements for Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. 

Troops camped at various locations near one of the visitor's centers around Lime Hollow on Friday night. On Saturday morning, the Scouts packed up everything they needed to camp with (except shelters), and hiked over to a series of stations to learn what they need to know about Wilderness Survival - shelter building, foods, first aid, among others. Then, in the afternoon, the troops backpacked into the Hollow and built their shelters for the night. Sunday morning, they hiked out, and off home.

Lime Hollow from High Vista


First Aid

Camporee Chairman Glenn Reisweber, center

Priorities for Wilderness Survival

Shelter Building

Survival Kits

Water Supply

... And More

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