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Look for the rating!
Age-Appropriate Rating Labels for Scouting Activities

All publicity for Taughannock District activities should indicate for which program(s) the activity is age-appropriate. If possible, organizers of District activities should use one of the following “rating labels” so that leaders and parents can easily determine if a given activity is for their program. If any activity has an age or rank restriction in addition to the program rating, it should be indicated by a short text note underneath the label, for example, "First-Class and higher Scouts only", or "Scouts aged 13-17 only". 

Label Use for Full-Size
JPG for
printed use
size GIF
for web

Cub Scout activities - boys in Cub Packs - grades 1-5. If activity is for Tiger Cubs or Webelos only, put a text note under the graphic:

-Tiger Cubs (1st Grade) Only-
-Webelos (4th-5th Grade) Only-

Boy Scout activities - boys in Scout Troops - aged 11 to 17. If  Webelos in Second Year dens are invited to participate as part of a Scout Patrol, add a text note under the label: 

- Second year Webelos may attend, but only with a Scout Troop -

Venturing activities - boys & girls 14-20 in Venturing Crew. If Scouts in the same age range may attend, use the "Y14+" rating instead. JPG GIF
Activities for all boys in either Cub Scout packs or Boy Scout troops - grade 1 through age 17. If the activity is primarily for Boy Scout Troops, but second year Webelos may attend with a troop, use the "B" label with appropriate note instead.  JPG GIF
Activities for all boys in Scout Troops and boys and girls in Venturing Crews - boys aged 11-20, girls aged 14-20. If the event is limited to Venturers and older Scouts (14-17), use the "Y14+" rating label instead.  JPG GIF
Activities which are for Venturing Crews and older Boy Scouts (14-17). Unless otherwise noted, younger Scout Leaders (18-20) may also attend with Venturers. JPG GIF
Activity is appropriate for all youth members - Cubs, Scouts and Venturers JPG GIF
Activity for Adult Leaders only. Use this rating alone if no youth members are invited. If event is for leaders and older youth, use Y14+ in addition to L. Do not use "L" for normal youth-oriented actvitivies (it's a given that leaders are expected to accompany Cubs, Scouts or Venturers). 

If some older youth leaders are invited, add a text note under the graphic:

- Senior Patrol Leaders, ASPL and JASM may attend -
Venturing Crew Presidents / VP may attend -


If there are any questions or for help in using the graphics, contact District Commissioner Mike Brown - wb2jwd@htva.net

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